Bright Yellow Burlap Sunflower Wreath by The Crafty WineauxTM

Bright Yellow Burlap Sunflower Wreath by The Crafty WineauxTM Price: $67.10 (as of 18/09/2020 00:56 PST- Details)


That is it! The first actual, all-burlap, burlap sunflower wreath sold online! That is the unique – frequently imitated but never duplicated! With nearly 250 of these beautiful flowers sold on Etsy and my website online, you comprehend it’s the suitable one for you!

This is a bright, sunny yellow burlap sunflower wreath/door hanger and It’s the easiest accent to your own home this summer! It’s made of approximately 5 yards of burlap with a burlap woven center and green burlap leaves to accent it. This beauty is constituted of a top of the range yellow and green burlap fabric and a burlap ribbon center. At its widest point It’s approximately 25 inches by 25 inches. See the extra photos for up-close color comparisons for matching.

This wreath is now customizable! You’ll make a choice from five different shades of green burlap for the leaves to make this wreath all of your own! A couple of color options and styles for the flower center are to be had! Please see the photo of options and indicate which you desire to at checkout.

Please don’t hang this wreath in direct sunlight as the bright colors within the burlap will fade within the sun. It’s created from burlap fabric so that you can not hold its structure if exposed to water. I recommend hanging the wreath under a covered porch, inside a storm door, or under an overhang to offer protection to it from the weather and prolong the life of the wreath. I spray all of my wreaths with a UV Protection Spray to lend a hand slow this process, but hanging it straight away within the elements will cause the colours to vanish faster.

Please message me you probably have any questions!

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