Beautiful XL Fall Mixture Cemetery Saddle Flower Arrangement …


Beautiful XL Fall Mixture Cemetery Saddle Flower Arrangement … Price: $46.99 (as of 12/10/2019 06:54 PST- Details)

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PRODUCT FEATURES: PREMIUM QUALITY: All of our Artificial Fall Mixture arrangements are handmade and hand glued to order. We use 29 premium flowers and our arrangements will last up to five months in direct sunlight. Arrangement Sizes: Our Cemetery Saddles measure 24 inches long 12inches wide and 10 inches tall Custom Designs: Yes, we do Custom Design, Send us an instantaneous message and we will be able to respond with a quote within 24 hours. We also do table centerpieces, and custom wedding bouquets Shipping: **Please Note***The New USPS rate hikes have tripled the price of shipping big box items (dimensional weight calculator ) we will be able to no longer ship Priority Mail all items will be shipped USPS Ground or FedEx Home Delivery. Expect delivery times to be 7-14 days depending on your location in the united statesPlease around the main Holiday seasons get your order in early to verify your item is delivered in your time period. We have also had to reduce our box sizes so as to still provide our high-quality arrangements the ends of your arrangement may wish to be fluffed back out with the intention to get the arrangement into the new smaller box size.

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