Silk Peonies Flowers

Silk Peonies Flowers for All Occasions – Artificial Peony Flowers

Silk peonies flowers (sometimes called paeony and technically called  Paeonia) originally came from western North America, Europe and Asia. The peony has been used for a very long time in Eastern culture. They come in delicate whites, summery yellows and pretty pinks.

Our silk peony arrangements are perfect for whatever season, with earthy garden tones and wedding whites, all our batches of sweet silk flowers are perfect for whatever occasion!

Purchase our ruffled peonies in crystal vases, baskets, pots or in bunches of bouquets. We have peonies matched with sunflowers and roses, tucked into pitchers creating a country chic look perfect for any room, lighting up the kitchen, bedroom and any stuffy feeling study.

With our high quality silks and materials matched with our colors that pop, they’re as good as real flowers, perfect for occasions where you’ll need durability!