Silk Lavender Flowers

Silk Lavender Flowers – (Artificial Lavender Flowers)

Silk lavender flowers – lavenders (full name Lavandula) are among my favorite flowers – they bring tranquility and luxury to any decor, whether contemporary or traditional, it doesn’t matter. They come in plants, stems and bunches. Flowers for lavender silk wedding bouquets, arrangements in a pot and as a gift for a special occasion.

Lavender in their natural state are found in a huge range – from Europe to parts of Africa all the way to southeast India. It is justly famous for its essential oils – wonderful.

I am sure you will find something for your needs – have a look here – there are lots used as wedding bouquets but of course can be used for other purposes. You can use them with other flowers of course and even add a little lavender oil to the pot to add even more realism.

Hope you enjoy the flowers, their prices and fast delivery!