Silk Gardenia Flowers

Silk Gardenia Flowers | Artificial Gardenia Floral Arrangements

There is no doubt that it would be great to see silk gardenia flowers sitting in say your living room for season after season. Unlike live flowers they last and last and last. They are super realistic and will give your interior a realistic look and feel.

Wanting to upgrade your home without having to spend alot? – silk flowers!

Once again for for this interested Gardenia (the live version) is believe or not a member of the coffee family, specifically Rubiaceae. They are very wide spread – all the way from the Pacific Islands to Madagascar, Asia and Africa. Also if interested the genus was named after a Dr Garden.

If you are after the perfect look and are willing to send a huge amount of resources, money, and time to achieve that, thought about these faux gardenia? BUT without having to spend the big amounts of time and money. These minimalist and delicate faux flowers will allow you to indeed create the look you are after without the big money, bit amounts of time.

Needing a faux flower that is fun and bright that will help create a super happy space in lots of colors and styles – these are the flowers for you!

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