Silk Peonies

Silk Peonies For Many Occasions

Silk peonies come in delicate whites, summery yellows and pretty pinks. Our arrangements are perfect for whatever season, with earthy garden tones and wedding whites, all our batches of sweet silk flowers are perfect for whatever occasion! Purchase our ruffled peonies in crystal vases, baskets, pots or in bunches of bouquets. We have peonies matched with sunflowers and roses, tucked into pitchers creating a country chic look perfect for any room, lighting up the kitchen, bedroom and any stuffy feeling study. With our high quality silks and materials matched with our colors that pop, they’re as good as real flowers, perfect for occasions where you’ll need durability!

  • Deep Red and Gold Large Silk Flower Arrangement with Feathers

    Desginer Red and Gold Large Silk Flower Arrangement with Feathers
    Large Silk Design with Delphinium, Peonies and Hydrangea
    Warm Reds and Gold Tones

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  • Flower Arrangements – Pink Peony Silk Floral Bouquet in Chinoiserie Planter

    Designed Exclusively For The Kensington Row Collection
    Artfully designed and beautifully hand crafted, our stunning silk floral arrangement brings the beauty of nature indoors for year round enjoyment.
    Elegant pink peony blossoms crafted of silk polyester are beautifully arranged and showcased in a traditional blue & white ceramic container

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  • Sweet Home Deco 12’’ Roses Hydrangeas Peonies Silk Wedding Bride Bouquet Artificial Flowers Ivory (12’’w)

    Each bouquet has 20 stems w/ 20 flower heads, 7 roses, 6 peonies, 2 peony buds, 5 mops hydrangeas;
    The whole bouquet is 12”T x 12”W, each rose is 3”W, each peony is 3”W;
    Made of silk, premium quality;

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  • 11.5″ Peony Bouquet Cream (Pack of 6)

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  • 30″ Peony/Hydrangea/Dahlia Wreath

    These peony wreath match with any versatile window curtain panels are perfect for any room and decor
    The large peony wreath is richly detailed, lovely to look at and you will be proud to display the design on your decor or wall or wherever you need a luxurious burst of spring and summer colors.
    These peony wreath match with any versatile window curtain panels are perfect for any room and decor.

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  • Seashell Wedding Bouquet & Boutonniere for Beach Wedding – Turquoise White Silver

    Beautiful and detailed arrangement bouquet in Turquoise,Silver,and White
    Made of roses and peonies White and Turquoise,accents with seashells,silver beads,and silver fern leaves.
    Bouquet measures at 10-11″ wide x 10″ long

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  • 38.5″ Peony w/Leaves Stem (Set of 12)

    Height: 38.5 in
    Width: 10 in, Depth: 7 in
    Set of 12 stems

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  • House of Silk Flowers Artificial Red Peony/Hydrangea/Berry/Pine Wreath, 22-Inch

    Artificial pine and cone wreath
    Red shiny berries, peonies and hydrangeas
    22-Inch diameter

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  • Nearly Natural 4668 Peony with Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement, Mixed

    This colorful arrangement will brighten any room
    Perfect size to fill any space
    Artificial water set in a unique glass vase

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  • Peony & Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement

    A perfect harmony of color, shape, and size
    Winding and unpredictable arrangement with passionate hues
    Available in a variety of colors

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  • Nearly Natural Peony and Hydrangea Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 10.75 diam. x 5H in. (vase)
    18 in. hydrangea
    Vase included

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  • Abbie Home Romantic Bride Wedding Holding Bouquet Roses-Pearl Rhinestone Ribbon Décor

    Materials: satin ribbons,cloth, lace, decorative brooches/ pearls, foam top inner base, PVC holder
    Bouquet using 50 high-grade satin roses. Crystal-style lanyards, highlights the bouquet of dignified elegance.
    Either the pearls or the rhinestone docored on the holding Bouquet echos your wedding Jewelry in a harmonious and perfect way.

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  • Abbie Home Real Touch Flowers Bouquets Rose Bridal Ribbon Crystal Decor Wedding Bouquet

    Materials: Silk flowers, rhinestone and ribbon lace decor. Size of bouquet: 13.5*13.5*10 inches. Please check maintenance at product description.
    Either the ribbons or the rhinestone docored on the holding Bouquet echos your wedding Jewelry in a harmonious and perfect way.
    These Artificial Flowers will never fade, and will bloom as vivid as the fresh ones, perfect for Valentine’s Day Presents, Birthday, Party, Proposal, Wedding, Mother’s Day.

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  • Ivory Silk Peony Hand Tie (24 Peonies) – Bridal Wedding Bouquet

    Everlasting – A beautiful keepsake to pass on to the next generation. Imagine your grand daughter carrying your bridal bouquet down the aisle.
    Durable – Silk flowers won’t wilt in the heat or freeze in the cold. The consummate choice for all weather conditions.
    Elegant – The silk flowers available to us today are so glamorous and realistic you will be amazed. We think that many of the flowers are even more vibrant and beautiful that their fresh counterparts.

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  • Nearly Natural Mixed Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 3.4W x 10D x 6.5H in.
    6.5 in. mixed peony
    Vase not included

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  • Abbie Home Bride Bouquets-Wedding Flower Bouquet Handmade Rose Lily with Silk Belt and Holding

    First class polyester: this wedding bouquets are made of fabric cloth artificial flowers which will last long. Unlike plant flowers, this will not fade.
    Pearly ribbons and chic bling rhinestones décor add extra charm onto the lovely Bouquets. Colors of the flowers can match with most of the wedding dresses.
    Combination: 13pcs Sunflowers,5pcs Roses,13pcs Cymbidium, Ribbons and Rhinestone

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  • Nearly Natural 4928 Peony and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement, Red

    The perfect blend of compact size and beautiful holiday color
    Display in your home or office
    Big red blooms, smaller petals, gold-hued leaves

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  • Nearly Natural 4807 Peony and Hydrangea Tricycle Silk Flower Arrangement, Pink/Green

    Features a mix of cream and pastel colors
    Will add a nice touch to any space
    Sure to capture the eye if any admirer

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  • Nearly Natural Peony and Hydrangea Candelabrum Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 16 diam. x 6.5H in.
    6.5 in. hydrangea
    Vase not included

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  • Eight Stems of Artificial Silk Cream, Yellow and Apricot Peonies by CB Imports

    This realistic looking bunch of peonies consists of eight stems, two of which are cream in colour, three are yellow and three are apricot.
    Each stem is approx. 62cm in height. The diameter of each flower is approx. 9cm.
    Look wonderful on their own or mixed in an arrangement with other flowers.

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  • 9″ Bridal Bouquet -Turquoise White and Black Rose Calla Lily

    9″ Bridal Round bouquet as pictured.
    Made of artificial roses in Black,White,and turquoise
    Real touch calla lily feels just like real.

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  • Red Peonies with Calla Lilies and Daisies Silk Flower Basket by Sympathy Silks® (BA1563)

    The basket handle frame is 18 inches across in the mid-section. The flowers in the picture extend a few inches beyond the frame on each side. The arrangement stands at least 24 inches tall, with some flowers extending up as high as 30 inches.
    The white basket container is weighted down to increase stability and resilience to the wind. The basket weighs approximately 6 pounds and is 6 inches in diameter. A stabilizer is included that attaches to the bottom of the pot for an 8 inch diameter base (as pictured).
    The dyes used in the manufacturing process are ultraviolet (UV) resistant and the silk material has been treated to prevent color bleeding when it gets wet. High quality arrangement, designed for outdoor use. This basket will last 2-3 months in direct exposure to sunlight.

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  • White Peonies and Roses 10 1/4″W Flowers in a Ceramic Pot

    Small silk floral arrangement.
    Peonies and rose arrangement.
    White ceramic pot.

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  • Teters Floral Products HSP0118ORCOM Mixed Peony Headstone Spray, 36″, Orange

    Assembled in the USA
    Weather-resistant materials
    Premium arrangement

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  • 50″ long Silk Flowers Swag with Roses and Hydrangea

    50″ swag with plenty of peony, rose, and hydrangea silk flowers.
    Each swag includes two strands approx. 25″ long for a total of 50″ in length.
    Each strand is secured in back and easily adjustable.

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  • Nearly Natural 4689 Peony Silk Arrangement, Assorted

    Blooms in varying stages of maturity
    Artificial water set in a unique glass vase
    Sure to brighten any room it adorns

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  • Peony, Open, Champagne, 30 Inches High, Set of 12 Sprays

    30 Inches High, from the base of the stem to the top of the flower
    Very attractive arranged in a vase on their own, or can also be used mixed with our other beautiful artificial flowers.
    Stems are easily bendable, so creating the perfect arrangement is easy as pie! Avoids the mess and ongoing costs of natural flowers!

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  • Sweet Home Deco 8” Silk Rose Peony Hydrangea Mixed Flower Arrangement w/ Wood Vase Wedding Home Decorations

    Each arrangement is made with silk ponies, hydrangeas, roses, ranunculus and dusty miller;
    The size is 8”T X 8”W w/ the vase is 4”T X 4”W;
    Premium quality flowers and fashion design;

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  • Pavian Artificial Peony Silk Flowers toss birde bouquet Home Wedding Decoration

    Material: pe, ribbons,pearl
    Flexible – You can use flowers that may normally be out of season and there are also a wide variety of colors, above and beyond the limitations of mother nature.

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  • Peony with Fluted Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    Hypnotizing Peony bloom with lush red hue
    Vibrant greenery provides eloquent backdrop
    Available in a variety of colors

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  • Vintage Artificial Silk Flower Bouquet Home Wedding Decoration

    Material: Silk peony and plastic vine
    100% Real Picture.all of handmade,high quality.Please rest assured the choose and buy
    Size: Flower ball diameter: 22to26cm

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  • 50″ Cream Peony/Rose/Hydrangea Swag

    Give your home decoration reception a fresh, seasonal feel with these stunning springtime arrangement styled by leading rose/hydrangea swag
    For a delicate and unusual way to decorate a place setting, use some rose hydrangea swag make a difference
    to give our day an extra romantic feel, we featured the rose hydrangea swag throughout the decor

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