Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers in a Huge Range (Silk Flowers Arrangements)

Silk Flowers – With the the range available through our Store, one of the first things you’re going to notice are the details. These immaculate, intricate silk flower arrangements (and other products) creations come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles. Not only are these silk flowers breathtaking in their beauty, but they are also floral creations that are going to stand the rest of time. The silk Peony, Silk Hydrangea, the silk Ranunculus Stem, or any Carnation Arrangement are excellent examples of the flowers that are available to you. These flowers can work wonderfully as a gift for someone special. They can also serve to beautify your home in a variety of ways.

Flowers are one of the best ways to bring life into any space, whether you want to improve the amount of greenery in a room or if you want to add a pop of color into an otherwise bland décor scheme. With silk flowers you get far more benefits than if you were to opt for fresh flowers, and they are just as stunning and meticulously constructed as the real thing.

When it comes to telling someone how you feel, large silk flower arrangements can express so much of what is in your heart.

At the same time, you can also explore silk flowers arrangements for home décor, since silk flowers and silk flowers can incorporate a wide variety of tastes and styles. You can even consider silk arrangements as a good alternative to real flowers for an upcoming wedding. The idea of fake flowers for weddings may not strike you as ideal, but give the idea a chance. As you begin to explore the possibilities of silk roses, silk daisies, and more, you’ll find it difficult to tell the difference between silk arrangements and the real thing.

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe these large silk flower arrangements. Beyond the visual splendor of silk hydrangeas, silk lilies, or silk sunflowers, there are a number of things about these fake flowers that are well worth getting excited about.

Silk Flowers for Home

Regardless of what you ultimately choose, you’re going to find these arrangements to be absolutely stunning. Upon closer examination, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the incredible attention to detail. From first glance, or even the third glance, most people honestly can’t tell that silk arrangements for home décor are not in fact real flowers. We’re not talking about cheap plastic flowers that you can find in dollar stores. These fake flowers for weddings and other arrangements are made from the finest materials, and they come from a manufacturing process that emphasizes attention to detail.

Silk Flower Arrangements for Sale

Best of all, you can use these silk arrangements for just about any occasion you can imagine. We have already mentioned how gorgeous these flowers can be at weddings, but the truth of the matter is that you can honestly use these flowers for just about anything you can imagine. From birthdays, to anniversaries, to simply wanting to tell someone you were thinking about them, you’re going to find large silk flower arrangements, as well as smaller arrangements. There are arrangements for every room of the house, and there are arrangements for every taste imaginable. Simply put, you are going to be able to find something ideal for just about anything you can imagine.

Spruce up your home with some silk arrangements for home décor. These flowers are remarkably easy to care for, and they can add personality and warmth to just about any room or space.

  • Hestian Wedding Bouquet, Wine Red and Ivory Roses with Pearls Chain , Beautiful Ribbon Bridal Wedding Bouquet Silk Rose Hand Tie

    Bridal bouquet made with wine red and white roses with pearls chain , beautiful ribbon
    30pcs bridal bouquet 24-26cm w 33cm h
    Silk flowers won’t wilt in the heat or freeze in the cold

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  • 22″ Artificial Daisy Flower Bushes (a total of 210 flower heads) in Yellow (Pack of 3)

    Each with 14 Stems and 5 flowers on each stem
    Each flower measured approx. 2″ in diameter
    Bush dimension approx.: 22″ H x 16″W

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  • 32″ Purple Hydrangea Teardrop

    Give your wedding reception a fresh, seasonal feel with these stunning springtime arrangement styled by leading hydrangea
    For a delicate and unusual way to decorate a place setting, use some hydrangea teardrop make a difference
    to give our day an extra romantic feel, we featured the hydrangea teardop throughout the decor

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  • 36.5″ Silk Gladiolus Flower Spray -Red (pack of 12)

    This listing is for 1 pack. You will receive 12 items per pack, 1 item shown in picture.
    Height – 36.5″

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  • 1920 Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Artificial Silk Flowers _white

    48 stems (17.5″) each with 40 flowers
    Each flowers measured 3/4″ in diameter.
    Bush dimension approx.: 17.5″ H x 6″W

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  • Fire red rose hydrangea mix Artificial Bouquet, featuring the Stay-In-The-Vase Design(c) Flower Holder (SM1403)

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  • 20″ Artificial Velvet Silk Poinsettia Bush w/ 7 Flowers

    You will receive 6 silk poinsettia plants artificial bushes — 1 shown in picture
    Artificial Poinsettia Flowers — 7 each
    Flower size — 10-10.5″ wide each

    $82.90Select options
  • Faux Orchids & Heliconia Tropical Flower Arrangement

    14″ Height x 16″ Width
    4.5′ H Heavy Glass Vase with Faux Acrylic Water
    Vibrant Tropical Colors – Amazing Realism

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  • Adeeing Classic Artificial Simulation Rose Flowers Vine for Home Door Room Garden Lintel Decoration

    Fashion design
    Length 55CM, width 10CM.
    Surrounded by plump flowers,simple elegant and comfortable color,Vivid natural form,giving people artistic romantic feelings.

    $19.99$23.99Select options
  • Autumn Rose Garland Pack of 3 Artificial Rose Vine with Fall Color Leaves Flowering Vines Decorative Plants Artificial Flower Vine Garlands

    Pack of 3 Artificial Rose Vines Material: rayon flowers and plastic rattan
    Each strand includes 70 flowers approximately
    Length: Approx 67 Inch / 170cm each strand. flowes diameter is 1-1.6 inch

    $16.99$22.99Select options
  • Nearly Natural Liquid Illusion Dancing Lady Orchid Silk Flower with Glass Vase

    Dimensions: 6.5 diam. x 9H in. (vase)
    Choose from available colors
    31 in. orchid

    $47.99$61.99Select options
  • Extra Large Premier Silk Poinsettia – Red

    34″ Height x 26″ Width
    Carefree Holiday Decorating – Enjoy Season After Season
    Includes Decorative Gold Foil Pot Cover

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  • Open Rose & Bud Silk Flower Accent – Coral

    11″H x 9″W
    5″ Glass Bud Vase with Faux Acrylic Water
    Elegant Tabletop Accent – Looks and Feels Alive

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  • Sweet Home Deco 14’’ Soft Real Touch Latex Large Size Tulip Artificial Flower Bouquet /Bundle (7 Stems/7 Flower Heads)

    Each bouquet has 7stems w/ 7 flower heads;
    Each flower head is 2.75”tall with 1.5” opening. The whole bouquet is 14”T X 8”W;
    Made from soft real touch latex material, looks so real;

    $24.98Select options
  • Nearly Natural Sunflower & Berry Teardrop, 24″ by Nearly Natural

    Pretty sunflowers forever captured in late bloom.
    Festively-colored leaves.
    Luscious faux berries.

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  • Aplstar Artificial Flowers Lavender Bouquet in Purple Artificial plant for Home Decor, Wedding,Garden,Patio Decoration

    LAVENDER BOUQUET–For the miracle of love,it belongs to you,wait here, just for the moment.Perfect for wedding decoration,for your lover.
    MATERIAL–Made of environmentally friendly plastic,poisonless and harmless,favored by customers.White powders make the purple Bouquets looks more vivid,lifelike. Moreover,the Artificial plant would never wither and fall.
    DETAILS–5 stems for each bouquet,5 flowers for each stem. Total length approx 14.57”, 4 bundles provided,without vase.

    $7.99$14.99Select options
  • Nearly Natural 28 in. Plum Blossom Teardrop

    Dimensions: 15L x 8W x 28H in.
    Realistic construction with polyester petals
    Trimmed with plum blossoms in festive red

    $69.98 $49.26Select options
  • Peony & Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement Makes a great gift was well

    The perfect blend of compact size and beautiful holiday color, this red / gold Peony Hydrangea combination will add to the festivities, whether it¡¯s displayed in your home or office. The big red blooms, smaller petals, gold-hued leaves, and perky berries make this an arrangement that will look great on any holiday table. Makes a great gift was well.
    Dimension£º13.5″ x 8.75″ x 8.75″

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  • Dogwood Silk Flower Arrangement Welcome spring with open arms when you display this beautiful Dogwood arrangement

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  • White Anemone Short Bouquet in Glass Vase

    No Maintenance needed, it will never quilt, dry up, or shed its flowers
    Made with long lasting high quality polyester silks manufactured in USA
    Nearly Natural Look & Feel

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  • Nearly Natural 4944 Pine and Pine Cone Teardrop, 26-Inch, Green/Brown

    Stands 26″ high
    Teardrop shaped for added symmetry
    Will never dry out!

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  • Nearly Natural 4562 26″ Berry Boxwood Teardrop

    Teardrop shaped Hanging arrangement
    Handcrafted faux Boxwood
    Holiday berries finished in seasonal red

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  • Mixed Cattleya & Hydrangea Silk Arrangement

    One of the most beautiful fax arrangements we¡¯ve done is now available. Combining delicate, fluted Catleya blooms with billowy hydrangeas results in an explosion of pure color and texture, and will make even the most discerning flower lover smile. This arrangement bursts forth from an attractive black vase, giving it an elegance that is unmatched. Whether it¡¯s used as a centerpiece, accent, or even a gift, this arrangement is sure to be a hit.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $101.70Add to cart
  • Mixed Peony w/Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    With a rich history dating back to Greek mythology, this modern day peony silk flower arrangement makes the perfect gift for family or friends. An assortment of cheery colored petals adds a breath of fresh air to a stuffy office space or drab home d¨¦cor. Standing 14 inches tall, it¡¯s the perfect size to grace your desk, coffee table, or kitchen window sill. A glass container filled with artificial water will keep these freshly cut beauties looking crisp and radiant.
    Dimension£º7″ x 12.25″ x 16.25″

    $100.21Add to cart
  • Mixed Hydrangea w/Rectangle Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    Bring back memories of earlier days with these lovely traditional hydrangeas. Featuring a mix of cream and pastel colors, this vibrant silk flower arrangement adds a nice touch to any home or office d¨¦cor. Delicate pom-pom petals surrounded by a variety of green foliage are sure to capture your eye. A classy glass rectangular vase filled with artificial water provides all the care you need to keep this breathtaking beauty in superb shape.
    Dimension£º10.25″ x 10.25″ x 17.5″

    $81.40Add to cart
  • Poinsettia w/White Wash Planter Silk Arrangement

    The holiday season¡¯s favorite plant, the beauty of the poinsettia can be yours to enjoy year round. The deep red combines with lush green to create a ¡°holiday in a planter¡±. And not just any planter, mind you, but a beautiful whitewash planter that¡¯s sure to please the eye (and keep your poinsettias looking great for years and years.) No water, no fuss, and best of all, no end to that holiday feeling!
    Dimension£º29″ x 10.25″ x 10.25″

    $72.50Add to cart
  • Veranda Garden Silk Flower Arrangement Colorful Blooms

    Bring the beauty of a wildflower garden into your home or office with this stylish arrangement from Nearly Natural¡¯s Floral Collection. We¡¯ve taken an eclectic mix of colorful blooms, and arranged them in a 10¡± glass vase (complete w/ faux water), and the result is a mixture of colors and textures that will delight all. It¡¯s bold, delicate, colorful, and lush – all at the same time! Perfect for any home or office.
    Dimension£º26.5″ x 6″ x 6″

    $75.54Add to cart
  • Poinsettia w/Fluted Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    Some looks are just timeless – like the poinsettia. Although it¡¯s widely considered a holiday plant, people love the poinsettia, regardless of the time of year. And with this poinsettia offering, we¡¯ve taken our classic reproduction of a lush poinsettia and present it in a beautiful fluted vase that perfectly positions it for maximum beauty. We¡¯ve done plenty of poinsettias, but none quite like this. Makes a great gift.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $66.72Add to cart
  • Poinsettia w/Decorative Vase Silk Arrangement

    We love our poinsettias here at nearly natural, and we especially love this offering, because it¡¯s the culmination of what we do ¨C not just offer the highest quality faux flowers and plants, but where possible, adorn them with complementary accessories. This lush, full poinsettia is great on its own, but put it in one of our most decorative vases (like we did here), and you have a real winner for your holiday table.
    Dimension£º29″ x 10.25″ x 10.25″

    $80.59Add to cart
  • Hydrangea Cherry Blossom and Rose Arrangement

    We love certain flower combinations, and this Hydrangea, Cherry Blossom and Rose Arrangement is one of our favorites. With fluffy hydrangea blooms proving the base, the arrangement then layers on stately rose blooms before exploding in a crescendo of pretty cherry blossoms. This unique arrangement come in a beautiful vase, complete with “liquid illusion” faux water. Perfect for any d¨¦cor, in both home and office.
    Dimension£º7.5″ x 9″ x 30″

    $93.32Add to cart
  • Lavender Bundle w/Vase beautiful green stalks twisting around ending in fluffy blooms

    Just the name “Lavender” suggest beauty, grace, and an essence of class. And that’s easy to see when you gaze upon this Lavender arrangement. It features beautiful green stalks twisting around, ending in fluffy blooms, all wrapped up in a handsome decorative vase, complete w/ Liquid Illusion faux water. Perfect for home or offices, it also makes a great gift.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $77.59Add to cart
  • Hydrangea, Bells Of Ireland and Palm Frond Arrangement Rust

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  • Hydrangea with Floral Planter Green

    Specifications:Height: 9 In.
    Width: 11 In.
    Depth: 11 In.

    $45.85Add to cart
  • Hydrangea w/Large Vase Beauty

    Specifications:Height: 14.5 in
    Width: 15 in
    Depth: 14 in

    $97.77Add to cart
  • Geranium Flowering Silk Plant with Floral Planter (Set of 2)

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  • Dahlia Arrangement Orange

    $70.68Add to cart
  • Dahlia Arrangement Cream

    $84.85Add to cart
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid with White Planter Orchid

    $180.00Add to cart
  • Hydrangea, Bells Of Ireland and Palm Frond Arrangement Purple

    $95.00Add to cart
  • Hydrangea and Statice Bud Arrangement White Pink

    $65.32Add to cart
  • Multi-Tone Hydrangea w/Vase Beauty

    $66.12Add to cart
  • Silk Amaryllis Floral Arrangement

    $82.43Add to cart
  • Hydrangea with Vase Silk Flower Arrangement Rust

    $62.85Add to cart
  • Night Willow Arrangement

    $111.09Add to cart
  • Orchid and Succulent Arrangement

    $82.30Add to cart
  • Hydrangea and Statice Bud Arrangement Purple White

    $49.43Add to cart
  • 28″ Hydrangea Teardrop create something so unique that it just defies pigeonholing

    Sometimes, we create something so unique that it just defies pigeonholing. And this Hydrangea Teardrop fits that description perfectly. Just take a look at the picture, and imagine this 28¡± mixture of blooms, leaves, stems, and colors adorning your wall. Guaranteed to create conversation, this Hydrangea teardrop is perfect for any room ¨C just use your imagination, and bring the beauty out.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $60.63Add to cart
  • Triple Hydrangea w/Vase Triple your decorating acumen with this stunning three-bloom silk Hydrangea

    Triple your decorating acumen with this stunning three-bloom silk Hydrangea. Set lovingly in a decorative vase (complete with Liquid Illusion faux water), these Hydrangea blooms permeate a cloud-like billow that reminds one of lazy summer afternoons. Of course, being a silk reproduction, it’ll convey that feeling no matter what time of year it is. Perfect for both home or office, it also makes an ideal gift.
    Dimension£º10.125″ x 10.125″ x 29″

    $100.75Add to cart
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement with Sand Colored Bowl Beauty

    Specifications:Height: 36 In.
    Width: 26.5 In.
    Depth: 26.5 In.

    $114.10Add to cart
  • Cymbidium Orchid with Black Vase Burgundy

    Specifications:Height: 36 In.
    Width: 29 In.
    Depth: 29 In.

    $204.80Add to cart
  • Hydrangea and Statice Bud Arrangement Green Orange

    $67.85Add to cart
  • Mixed Orchid Holiday Arrangement with Vase

    $82.30Add to cart
  • Large Lily Arrangement with Vase

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  • Mixed Floral w/Azalea & White Wash Planter Silk Arrangement

    One of the fun things we do here at Nearly Natural is combine our faux flowers and plants into arrangements. And sometimes we create a mix so perfect, so full of complimenting colors and textures that we just have to stand back and admire it. And that¡¯s what we¡¯ve done with this arrangement ¨C no words can really describe it ¨C just look at the picture and make your own description.
    Dimension£º20.5″ x 12″ x 6″

    $60.00Add to cart
  • Peony w/Glass Vase (Set of 3) With two blooms of varying size

    When we created this cute little 6¡± Peony, we said ¡°no sir, one is not enough¡±. So we¡¯ve arranged a set of three for Peony lovers everywhere. With two blooms of varying size (one main, one smaller) surrounded by a backdrop of green leaves, these make an ideal decoration for a smaller space that doesn¡¯t want to be overwhelmed. Also makes a really thoughtful gift (who doesn¡¯t like receiving THREE of something beautiful?)
    Dimension£º13″ x 4.5″ x 7″

    $62.55Add to cart
  • Rose w/Fern Silk Flower Arrangement Combining Two Beautiful Specimens

    Sometimes, combining two beautiful specimens creates something that¡¯s MORE than ¡°twice as nice¡±. Such is the case with this exceptional pairing of roses and ferns. Just look at it ¨C gorgeous, lush rose blooms amidst the delicate texture of cascading ferns. This is an offering that is truly something to behold, whether you display it in your home or office.Complete with glass vase and faux water, it will last a lifetime.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $69.00Add to cart
  • Tulip with Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    Stately and proud, this incredible tulip arrangement will be a focal point of your d¨¦cor for years to come. A bevy of tulip stalks rest in a clear vase (complete with liquid illusion faux water), providing the perfect base for the delicate blooms above. Verdant leaves complete the picture, giving this tulip arrangement a distinct look that will stand the test of time. Perfect for home, office, or even makes a great gift.
    Dimension£º21″ x 7″ x 7″
    Cream/ Green

    $105.14Add to cart
  • Roses w/Tall Bud Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    The very definition of elegance, the Rose stands head and shoulders above all other flowers. And standing tall and elegant is what this Rose does best. A single stem splits into two blooms ¨C one full, one budding ¨C to give a classy radiance that is unequaled. With lush leaves and a tall vase w/ faux water, this makes the perfect gift for that someone special.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $37.34Add to cart
  • Rose & Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

    Another great pairing that just looks fantastic together. We have the stately Rose, with blooms lush and proud, offset by the soft fullness of the Hydrangea. Adding to the effect are the pretty green leaves and interesting stems with buds that look good enough (for a bird) to eat! Comes with a beautiful glass vase with Faux water.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $65.29Add to cart
  • Hibiscus & Ranunculus w/Fluted Bowl Silk Flower Arrangement

    Put this in a window and watch the birds and bees gather! That¡¯s how lifelike and lush this beauty looks. By combining the Hibiscus with the Ranunculs, we¡¯ve created the perfect mix of color and texture that literally explodes with delight! You got your greens, your yellows, your reds, all coming together in a classy fluted bowl w/ faux water. Perfect for anywhere in your home or office, and also makes a great gift.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $48.82Add to cart
  • Fancy Foxtail & Hydrangea Arrangement The Earth sports many stunning plants

    $146.89Add to cart
  • Blooming Hydrangea w/Vase Arrangement Comes complete with a glass vase and faux water

    Large Hydrangeas have an almost cloud-like softness to them – you could almost imagine laying down in a bed of them and drifting off to dream world. And we’ve perfectly captured that feeling in this amazing reproduction. Gorgeous Hydrangeas stems, leaves, and a burst of softness that only the Hydrangea can offer. Comes complete with a glass vase and faux water.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $46.96Add to cart
  • Lavender Arrangement w/Watering Can with all manner of pretty blooms in varying shapes

    The nice thing about artificial plants is you can really mix and match, and “over the top” is something that simply doesn’t exist. So if a beautiful lavender arrangement – with all manner of pretty blooms in varying shapes – is called for, it’s very possible. And then putting this cornucopia of fresh color into a pretty little watering can? Done! And the results are impressive. This piece looks great anywhere, and makes a “wow, look at that” gift as well.
    Dimension£º15.25″ x 11.5″ x 7″

    $71.20Add to cart
  • 60″ Poinsettia & Berry Garland Perfect for the Holiday Season

    Decorate with style this holiday season with this elegant Poinsettia Garland. It is sixty inches (that¡¯s five full feet) of holiday charm, winding and twisting around your banister, entryway, exposed beams, or anywhere else a bit of holiday festivity is needed. Beautiful red leaves sit on top of lush greenery and pine stems, with faux berries and pinecones completing the holiday touch ¨C cheers!
    12″ x 12″ x 35″

    $97.61Add to cart
  • Nearly Natural Grape Leaf Deluxe Garland with Grapes Silk Plant – Set of 2

    Dimensions: 7W x 5D x 72H in.
    72 in. garland
    Vase not included

    $37.99 $34.19Select options
  • Nearly Natural Mixed Peony and Berry Garland Silk Plant

    Dimensions: 5W x 5D x 60H in.
    60 in. mixed peony and berry garland
    Vase not included

    $59.21Select options
  • Roses w/Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement Beautiful Long-stemmed Roses

    More than any other flower, the Rose beckons the eye (and nose), literally demanding a closer inspection. And this silk arrangement of beautiful long-stemmed roses is certain to capture the full attention of all who gaze upon it. Delicate blooms adorn fresh green stems (replete with thorns!), giving these beauties an authentic look that will have you stopping to smell them time and time again (for added effect, go ahead and scent them!) A beautiful vase with faux water completes the look.
    Dimension£º10.25″ x 10.25″ x 17.5″

    $70.00Add to cart
  • Mixed Hydrangea Candelabrum Silk Arrangement Great Centerpiece

    Our mixed Hydrangea Candleabrum makes for a great centerpiece or a delight to behold in any location. Richly colored clusters of Hydrangea surround a 7 inch high class vase perfect for candle holding to give this arrangement a look and feel that¡¯s truly unique. Best of all, the flowers are maintenance free so you never have to worry about watering.
    Dimension£º11″ x 11″ x 8.5″

    $47.12Add to cart
  • Poinsettia w/Metal Planter Silk Flower Arrangement

    Add some shine to your holiday with this attractive re-creation of a lush poinsettia, held aloft by a beautiful metal planter. The dark reds and verdant greens are perfect accompaniments to the sheen of the metal planter, and together, they just radiate festivity. But one for your home, and several as gifts for those ¡°hard to buy for¡± people in your life (because really, everyone loves a poinsettia ¨C especially one you don¡¯t have to water!)
    Dimension£º7.5″ x 9″ x 30″

    $78.25Add to cart
  • Lavender & Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement Comes with a Clear Vase with Liquid Illusion

    Picking the best samples from a cornucopia of choices, this Lavender and Hydrangea Arrangement is a delight of pastel and cream colors. Reaching 16 inches high and then spreading outward, this bountiful collection of flowers is the perfect addition to any home or office. Comes with a clear vase with liquid illusion, and they look so real, you¡¯ll have people asking to see your garden.
    Dimension£º15.5″ x 6.75″ x 6.75″

    $71.40Add to cart
  • Poinsettia w/Ceramic Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

    We¡¯ve got all manner of beautiful faux poinsettias here at Nearly Natural. Big, small, with all manner of vases. And this offering is one of our favorites, because it¡¯s so traditional ¨C a beautiful, lush poinsettia, in a timeless ceramic vase. It¡¯s as classic as Jingle Bells, with the beauty you¡¯ve come to expect from nearly Natural. And best of all? It needs no water, and will stay beautiful for years to come.
    Dimension£º6.75″ x 6.75″ x 22.5″

    $50.74Add to cart
  • New Peony Wall Silk Flower Arrangement White

    Here¡¯s a beautiful wall decoration that you simply don¡¯t see every day. We¡¯ve captured the Peony in full maturity, and placed its soft, willowy blooms on an intricate wall display, complete with a clear cylinder jar with faux ¡°liquid illusion¡± water. With a bed of green leaves completing the backdrop, this is a piece that¡¯s sure to pleased, and will have your guests marveling at your incredible decorating taste.
    16.5″ x 7″ x 8.5″
    Height: 13.5 in. Width: 12 in. Depth: 7.5 in.

    $107.39 $76.71Add to cart