Silk Daisy Flower

Silk Daisy Flower High Quality | Artificial Daisies

Silk Daisy Flower – also known as Bellis perennis or the common daisy (there are lots of other types) and originally came from northern Europe as well as central and western.

Our silk daisies come in soft creamy pinks, bright stunning yellows, sweet whites and much more varieties! Our silky high quality daisies come in crystal vases, baskets, pots, unique arrangements and bouquets. (See our silk daisy bouquets here).

Arrangements are pieced together in beautiful themes, with summery colors perfect for a June wedding, perfect Mother’s Day bundles, baby blue daisies for baby showers and white lacy arrangements perfect for a classic wedding.

Our silk daisies are perfect additions to photo shoots, weddings, spring parties and as gifts that don’t wilt! Our summery oranges and yellows are perfect for fall seasons to match with pumpkin patches and spooky decorations!

Enjoy the sharp pricing, fast deliver and above all quality!