Silk Bird of Paradise Flower

Silk Bird of Paradise Flower

Wow what beauty a Silk Bird of Paradise flower can inject into your home’s interior. They add real elegance – and it pretty well does not matter where you place them – they will give the whole area a freshness you will enjoy.

For those interested in a little about the live version, the botanical name is Strelitzia and was originally a native of South Africa. Naturally the Bird of Paradise name came from the head of the plant looking like the beautiful birds of the area. Note that in South Africa they are also commonly called a Crane Flower and in on the 50 cent piece of that country.

You will find these silk flowers a great addition to your interiors especially as they look super realistic.

Imagine the flare these faux flowers will add to your rooms – beautiful flowers being held on high – a wonderful splash of color and an amazingly dramatic look.

Where can you place there faux flowers? How about at work on the receptions desk or a bedroom, a coffee table or even a window sill – there are so many places to put them!

These are amazingly modern looking and super vivid – naturally very easy to care for as well as long-lasting and reusable. Think great prices, fast delivery and quality. Cant go wrong!

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