Flower Vases

Flower Vases

Although many of our artificial flower arrangements come with flower vases there are lots that do not. Hence we offer an ever increasing range of flower vases for you to use. You will find heaps of different sizes, types and colors to suit all your needs.

So what exactly is a vase? Well put simply it is an open container that comes in a huge range of materials – for example glass, aluminium, pottery, ceramic and lots more. Naturally they are usually used for holding flowers!

There are lots of places you can use them, for example on the floor, on a wall or on a table (and more). If on a table, they will probably be smaller that those say on the flower.  Those on the table often hold bouquets or other arrangements.

Those on the floor tend to be heavy on the bottom so are stable and are a focal point of the room you place them into.

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