Vase Fillers

If you have not come across vase fillers before you are going to love them! If you have an area that needs some texture they are a great way of achieving that. So exactly what are they? Well you have a vase, artificial flowers (or real ones) and you will often find that you need something to add colors and volume to the part of the vase where there is only stems. Not only that vase fillers can be used to hold the faux flowers in the exact place you want them to be. Anyway they complement and enhance the flowers you have picked. It should be noticed some just put fillers in a glass vase and only that.

There are lots and lots of options such as glass beads, water beads (which makes the lower part of the vase look like that portion of the vase is full of water and only water, rock crystals, pearl beads and many more. So you have the choices of texture, size, color and lots more.

We change the section often and look out as there are always some items on a Sale. You  can place them pretty anywhere in the house, just mix and match the colors etc.

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