Home Decor

Home Decor

So what exactly is home decor? well it can mean something at least slightly different to each person but generally it is all about placing items that are decorative in specific places that enhances that area. It can be anything from a beautiful vase sitting on a table to carpets, rugs and the stunning silk flowers that sit in a vase.

So we are talking about the home accessories that often do not have a specific functional use (other than being a decor item) be it a craft item, curtains or an ornate mirror.

The idea of specifically decorating a room or area is very old as the word decorating comes from the Latin decoratĭo. So we mean the process of decorating and the items that are being used to decorate. Now we talk about that wonderful word art – the art part is combining those items together to create a beautiful whole.

Some are able to do this instinctively and with others it is taught or comes with experience. Often it requires doing analysis of the elements that are there now and moving on from there.

There is a large fashion element to home decor so keeping up with the current trends through appropriate magazines could well be helpful interior design.

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