Area Rugs

So what exactly is an area rug? Simply put – a rug that does not cover the entire floor of a room. Over and above that, they bring a warmth and softness to a hard floor and can bring definition to a space that is open plan. It can give a style and personality to an area.

One of the big advantages to say a large area rug is they are not fixed – so if they are no longer needed in a specific space, they can simply be rolled up and moved. Another less thought of advantage is if you live with those with allergies, the rugs can be easily cleaned – removing allergens and dust.

As area rugs come in so many sizes, textures and colors they have many uses. Examples are – put a small on inside your front door to stop as much dirt, wear and tear in your home.

You can use a runner in any hallway that will take the eye to the next room and of course add color.

Think about a living room with a conversation area – a soft area rug will be a lively feature