Rugs Pads & Protectors

Rugs pads & protectors have many uses in your home and office. Some used for area rugs would be – a home office of dining room rug that creates a focal point using a rug with style. Think about a cushy and soft rug that you can step onto when leaving your bed. Should you have an outdoor room you can use a rug to define that outdoor-indoor room?

Thought of putting a rug on top of a carpet? Add life to the carpet and extra style to it. Should you’re dining room table be round you can use a round area rug?

A non-slip rug pad makes it very difficult for someone to slip on a rug.   The rung not moving is also useful during say moving furniture or vacuuming. As far as size goes, a rug pad is ideally just slightly smaller that the actual rug.

There are lots of different types of rug protectors – basically there to protect from say furniture legs causing indentation in the carpet or say from the wheels of an office chair.