Mercury Glass Vases

Mercury Glass Vases

Here at Silky Flower Store we have a big range of mercury glasses vases that you can use at your wedding or your home for a lovely vintage look and feel. There are lots of shapes and sizes and those shapes include such as fishbowls, mercury glass cylinders, urns squares and more – even glass vessels on a pedestal.

Looking for a big array of colors? Well check out those in copper, pink, platinum, silver and more. Just imagine a silver vase shimmering in candlelight with a lovely flower arrangement – perfectly suiting your home decor. Or perhaps a table centerpiece with one of the bowls and faux flowers and or a floating candle.

Have a restaurant, bar or about to have a wedding? Think about using glass square vases in silver – they would be a great arrangement with faux flowers.

You can also use them as candleholders or use mercury glass hurricanes – great mood makers. Have a contemporary or modern look in your home? How about pink faux tulips with a cylinder which is ribbed and having a silver color.

Pretty well any event you can think of would be enhanced with one of these mercury glass vases given their beauty and the range of colors. So many styles to choose from as well for example bud vases, glass vases and others. Event planners and interior designers love them as you can find a place for them with pretty well any decor – from rustic to modern.

Check out the beauty and highly competitive pricing!

What is Mercury Glass? A Bit Technical