artificial angels trumpet flower

Silk Angels Trumpet Flower

Silk Angels Trumpet Flower | Artificial Brugmansia Flowers

You will find silk angels trumpet flower are an interesting flower if only because there are not many of them about (we do not always have them in stock regrettably so pays to check). having said that they can add a real warmth to any houses interior and if that is what you want that is what they can do.

silk angels trumpet flower

They can add some life as well as style and fun to your decor so using these interestingly shaped silk floral arrangements will enhance any area. Artificial angels trumpet flowers will beautify any area as well and being very easy to maintain (no watering nor picking up leaves) and can be used again and again over a long period.

In real life so to speed this silk flower is called a Brugmansia interestingly they are highly toxic so stick to the artificial flowers! They are now pretty well only cultivated so are technically extinct.

They were originally found in South America in some parts of Brazil, Chile and Venezuela along the Andes.

You will be able to enjoy their beauty from season to season, year to year and come in garlands and flowers. They are so bursting in energy and combining with their brilliant colors, any space you place them in will be freshened up. Want to reinvigorate and add life to your decor - the perfect faux flower arrangement. Being welcoming to your home they will be just what you want and need.

artificial anaphalis flowers

Silk Anaphalis Flowers

Silk Anaphalis Flowers | Artificial Anaphalis Flower

You can use silk anaphalis flowers as a wedding decoration as they are charming and perhaps usefully - calming) as well as being simply beautiful. For those interested they - the live version - come from the Asteraceae family and are often called pearly everlasting or simply peal. The originated form the Southern and Eastern Asia - although amazingly there is a North American variety called - how original - Western Pearly Everlasting.

Silk Anaphalis Flowers

As we are talking about silk flowers here it is interesting to know these flowers have been dried for decoration over the winter months for a very long time. Please note that as an artificial flower it is quite rare so we do not always have available so good luck there as they are chic and look very sophisticated

Naturally as a faux flower there is little or no maintenance required for these florals, are super long lasting and reusable. They will raise the look and feel of your interiors and give them a new fresh outlook.

So you want a room that will raise your spirit and make you feel good - not matter what the day of the week is - well these artificial anaphalis flowers can provide that lift. They will make your interiors feel brighter and happier. They are so easy for you to use either as standalones for mixed as a silk flower arrangement.

We believe it does not really matter where you put these silk floral arrangements - you will find them great - captivating friends and family. Adding an allure and feeling of elegance is what a floral anaphalis stem will give to you. Proving a great focal point to your interior is what they do.

silk wisteria flowers

Fake Wisteria Vines

Fake Wisteria Vines | Artificial Wisteria Vine Garlands

These fake wisteria vines have lots of uses. Start off think by thinking to use as a wedding arch - many colors dependent on the theme you are going for. Maybe buy 4 and they will look great. You can use at wedding for other purposes as well as at parties, lots of ceremonies or parties. naturally you can use to simply beautify your home of office.

fake wisteria flowers

Think about using over doors, walls, mirrors, swing (yes there are lots of uses). These natural looking faux wisteria flowers are really lifelike - elegant and simple. Very long lasting and super easy to maintain and use again and again. You can use all year around and again and again. Other places to use - how about in a bedroom, a lovely seating area to add a romantic touch

For those interested Wisteria (the live versions) are a gnus of of the legume family - that originally came from Japan, China, Korea and amazingly (to me any way) the Eastern United States.

Faux Wisteria have full blooms that area a wonderful sight that can lift your spirit. These silk flowers will blend into almost any situation - as mentioned say bedrooms, porches - they can easily set a mood and complete and decor. Probably the biggest use is for outdoor weddings and can be excellent additions to silk flower bridesmaids bouquets and artificial flower wedding centerpieces.

By the way another word for a wedding arch is an arbor. It is simply an arch back to that word again) made up of flowers, vines - or branches or any combinations of - for the Bride and Groom to be under when they say those magic words. They really set the mood for the event and imagine what it does for the photos! A standard size is 56 by 144 by 45 - width, height and depth. Apparently the arbor is a symbol of the future home the bride and groom will live in - or of course just to look beautiful!

artificial peony flower yellow

Artificial Flowers Colors

Artificial Flowers Colors| Faux Floral Colors

There are so many colors that are here for you to use to enhance your decor. Thought it might be useful if we gave you some examples and hints you could use.

artificial flowers colors

Silk Flowers in Aqua Turquoise Peacock

Turquoise and aqua colors on artificial flowers bring to mind the jewellery of Native Americans and of course the sea. These stunning and playful colors are super versatile in your interior - have a look thru our range. Think hydrangea, faux, orchids, roses all the way to daisies - lots of varieties with those colors. You will see lots of options that will lend a calming feel in any room you care to put them in.

Assorted Silk Flower Colors

You should think about faux flowers if you need to enhance the comforting feed and beauty of any given room in your home. It does not matter what look and feel you are after in an interior our artificial flowers come in the right size, cor and shape for you. Whatever ambiance you are after such as elegance in a dining room or warm in a bedroom, a feeling of fun or high energy Silky Flower Store has what you need.

Should you want a stunning first time impression or almost anything else, these faux flowers will do the trick.

Silk Flowers Rubrum Fuchsia

We have mentioned favorite colors before - how about Fuchsia silk flowers? Well we are sure will be stunning for your home decor. The varieties you will find them in are many such as silk Dahlia sprays, orchid bushes, rose sprays to Dianthus bushes. Our big collection will brighten your decor with Rubrum and of course Fuchisa faux flowers.

You may well be worried about your decor being dull - in which case thing how stunning a silk flower arrangement would be in that area. Your faux flowers will be just what you need right now. They will bring a stunning lightness and vibe - making the area livelier and brighter in a great way. Think also about no maintenance being needed as in no pruning or picking up petals) and they will last and last.

Faux Black Flowers Gray Charcoal

Do you want a faux flower that is super dramatic and very bold, well how about a black silk flower? These flowers can be thought of in a chic situation or indeed stylish or countrified. So if you you want to make a big impact we suggest using our gray floral arrangements. So if you want to add a snap and upgrade your rooms, these faux flowers will be perfect for you.

mixed silk flowers

Silk Flower Colors

Silk Flower Colors | Colors of Artificial Flowers

We all have colors that please us the most. Naturally we use them where we can such as in our clothes, carpets, wallpapers, cars and in fact in pretty well everywhere we have any influence over.

silk flower colors

To a large extent your use of colors are a statement about who you are and your personality. So with silk flowers you not only get beauty that is hassle free and last a long time - but can offer far more. So if you are starting in your home from scratch or renewing specific areas you can decorate using your personal taste, taste and great silk flower colors.

If you want to make an impression and we all do) first impressions are super important. We at Silky Flower Store give you a range of artificial flowers that will enable you to make that all important great first impression. No matter what color or hue or indeed flower type we will have it.

Should you want something for your garden or your home setting you will find the perfect match and design. If you are after that crisp or pristine look thru our white faux flowers in lots of varieties like faux orchids, fake roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas and more. You will find them super charming and soothing. However if you should be looking for a cool look - how about blue silk flowers? Amazing how then can give that look and feel to a setting and home design.

If your ambition is to create a refreshing area in your garden or interior then you cannot go past green artificial florals. They will rejuvenate the area and put you to ease especially given the colors direct association with Nature.

Naturally the artificial florals are made out of top quality materials and are highly realistic - super lifelike. Looking for something bold and perhaps a bit of drama - how about black silk flowers. Grey, charcoal all very modern and sure to be noticed. How about Fall or autumn colors like yellow, red and orange? We have them all here.

It is true that our mood is effected by our surroundings so naturally is those surroundings are say joyful and refreshing - has to have an effect on your family and guests.

Our range of faux flowers are bound to have elements to upgrade your interior decor given the huge range of colors and varieties.

artificial vegetables

Artificial Fruit

Artificial Fruit | Fake Fruit

Along with our range of faux vegetables Silky Flower Store also has nice range of artificial fruit for your home decor. They can be displayed in all sorts of places - on your kitchen counter, adding some color to a window sill, on a dining room table as a centerpiece - all without there being any worry about the fruit going off! Remember you can mix up the fruit as well to give you even better color contrasts.

artificial fruit

Now is a tomato a fruit or is it a vegetable - technically is is a fruit but in the world of cooking is usually thought of as a vegetable - so it is both!

You can use them in your business - both for their good looks and say as an advertising display.Ideal to use in a restaurant as well.

Please browse through our excellent range, be sure of fast deliver and quality - you can certainly buy with confidence here!

Artificial Vegetables | Fake Produce

You can beautify your kitchen with these artificial vegetables- i´s not just your bedrooms, living rooms and patios etc that can be decorated.

Here at Silky Flower Store we offer vegetables so realistic and detailed you might be tempted to cook them!

We have for example artificial artichokes, onions, red chili peppers and many more to enjoy. They really will brighten up your kitchen and other areas such as your dining room - gives the areas an amazing pop of color.

These veges will bring great texture, colors for your bench.

We find that they also make great gifts - ones that don´t go off and stay bright and shinny for ever. You can put them in a bowl or pile on top of each other - just use your imagination!

We are sure you will enjoy this range of beautiful and useful artificial vegetables - naturally at great prices, fast deliveries and you will be amazed at the quality. Buy with confidence.

Artificial Ferns

Artificial ferns allow you to bring lots of greenery and freshness into your homes spaces. They will delight you with their vibrancy and elegance - looking great on say a front porch or a living room or indeed any dark color.

You will find a big variety of types of faux ferns at Silk Flower Store - being highly ornamental, bringing light to your home with their rich look and feel.

We have hanging bushes, leaves, stems wreaths and garlands for you to choose from.

They are lively and even exuberant and can be used in both the home and the office where they will add life and color.

Naturally as with all artificial plants, little or no maintenance is needed - no watering, adding fertilzer or re-potting needed!

We are sure you will be able to find that perfect fern for your situation here - along with great pricing, fast delivery and of course quality.

Artificial Grass Plants | Faux Grass Bushes

You will find that artificial grass in it´s many varieties will add freshness and charm to your home. They will bring a sophistication and flair with very little work.

They are a great way to add a beauty and a delicate look and feel your place - with a stunning vibrancy for you to enjoy all year. Remember you will not need to water nor maintain them.

Wee Silky Flower Store has faux grass bushes, stems, mats and arrangements - and we are sure you will find that perfect item here.

Our range is big with many styes, colors and heights for you to choose from - so you can add charm and beautify your chosen areas. Have a seating area that needs a backdrop - perfect! They will blend in just fine - super relaxing and appealing.

We offer fast delivery, great pricing and of course quality.

Artificial Ivy | Faux Ivy Plants

Artificial ivy is stunningly graceful as well as elegant. You can find here at Silky Flower Store many for example artificial ivy garlands and ivy wreaths. They can be used in many ways including adding style to doors and walls.

Creating a great look and feel is easy with these faux ivy pieces. It does not matter is you use them on brightly colored or dark walls, these faux ivy plants can be used in a big range of settings. They are amazingly lifelike and can be put on walls of course but also say baskets.

Once you have bought these artificial plants that need no watering, nor do you have to pick up their leaves, you can sit back and enjoy these stunning plants. Having a wedding, thought of using as outdoor decor? Perfect.

As always, buy as highly competitive prices, enjoy the fats delivery and of course, quality.

Artificial Succulents

Do you want a desert look and feel in your place, well try artificial succulents! They add a great vibe to your home - that will change your home to a temperate region, like these plants.

These will add a fun and creative to even the most bland areas. You will enjoy these whimsical plus eye catching faux succulents are charming without needing maintenance - for example no watering needed and last and last and last.

It does not matter if you have a little of a big space, they will refresh pretty well any setting. Check out the range of colors, varieties, sizes and will look great regardless of you having a very modern home, contemporary or an older house.

You will enjoy these vibrant and interesting plants when you bring them home.

Please search this great list from Silky Flower Store, noting the competitive pricing, fast delivery and of course, quality.

Artificial Plant Variety

You can use some artificial plant variety is you want to add some all year interest to your garden or home look and feel. Just because your house or garden is a little short on space does not mean you have to compromise in beautifying your environment.

At Silky Flower Store you will find realistic and natural looking plants - with some real style. Add them to your decor and you will find these faux plants striking and beautiful. You will be able to refresh most areas with these high quality and durable products.

Check out the big range of fake plant varieties (always been added to) that will make the process of improving your interior decorating nice and easy. For example add artificial grass with silk flowers as a centerpiece - an artwork for your home.

Remember that these are very low maintenance - no watering, no cleaning up leaves etc.

Impress your guests (as well as family) with these bold and long lasting fake plants. You can add them to any space and they will help create a relaxing environment for you all with a unique style.

artificial flower vase

Silk Flower Containers

Silk Flower Containers | Silk Flower Vases

Silk flower containers - when you pick that perfect artificial floral arrangement, ever think about just what you are going to put the flowers into? It cant be just an old bottle or chipped and faded vase.

Well the container adds to space with their colors, shapes and styles. They add texture, color and even drama to the are - along with the faux flowers.

silk flower containers

Silky Flower Store has a big range of florals in silk flower vases and urns that will enhance your spaces and give them a wow look and feel.

Planters are always popular and they can be modern all the way to antique. They can look great both indoors and outdoors. Think about the general decor first - for example perhaps muted colors in an big entrance way.

Think about urns and pots in a garden. After a dramatic look - try several planters in one area - brilliant effect.

These containers last along time and are very durable so you will be able to change out their contents over time.

artificial watsonia flowers

Silk Watsonia Flowers

Silk Watsonia Flowers | Artificial Watsonia Floral Arrangements

Using silk Watsonia flower will add lovely decorative elements to your home well as inspire you with other silk flowers. Check out this collection of artificial Watsonia flowers - they will provide perfect accents wherever you put the. The live version is of the Iris family - sometimes called a bugle lily - and originally found in Swaziland, South Africa and Lesotho (I had to look up exactly where that is).

silk watsonia flowers

You will find them to be a lively looking flower with lots of personality. They add style to any space - enhancing wherever you want to place them. These faux flowers beyond being lively are also super colorful and are full of grace - a wonderful look and feel.

Maybe you are hoping to include stunning colors to your home or simply add a softer look - these flowers are just what you need.

Think about using in a bouquet - they will add a depth and creativity to your space. Naturally they are super realistic and need no maintenance - lasting for years and years. You can reuse them again and again. Any guest you have visiting your house will be very impressed. This is not one of the most commonly used silk floral arrangement so you will get extra comments about what they are. Naturally mix them in with other faux flowers - they will really help enhance the look and feel. Add an amazing range of colors with the spray and they will fit in pretty well any household which will enhance your decor.

silk Viburnum Flowers

Artificial Viburnum Flowers

Artificial Viburnum Flowers | Silk Viburnum Floral Arrangements

Artificial viburnum flowers can make you home look special no matter where placed. They will enhance your decor as silk viburnum flowers can make an area look cozy and lifts the feeling of style and make your home feel inviting to any guests. The live flowers are in the family of Adoxaceae and are mainly found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere.

Artificial Viburnum Flowers

No matter how bland the setting you wish to put these silk flowers, you can enhance the look and feel of that whole area with flowers. Naturally they last a long time, do not require maintenance and are super realistic. Enjoy the lovely colors and you can add in with other faux flowers for a stunning display.

Not just in your home - think about using in your office as well. A new fresh touch to almost any room these faux viburnum flowers are a delight. Looking to transform a specific area - just the thing you need! As with all our range we supply at great highly competitive prices, fast delivery and high quality. Think about putting into a vase maybe for a spring look that will look quite stunning. Add to most arrangements and you will enhance the look. Make any room look more interesting and colorful.

There are lots of events you can use them for - even for Christmas. We are sure you will be able to find just what you need here are Silky Flower Store.

artificial veronica flowers

Silk Veronica Flowers

Silk Veronica Flowers | Faux Veronica Arrangements

Got anxiety and stress in your life? Try these wonderful silk veronica flowers. They last for a very long time, are super realistic and do not need any maintenance. You will find that they will lift your spirit and are very beautiful. Has florets that are varied with a thin long bloom.

It has many common names such as gypsyweed, bird´s eye and speedwell. The name Veronica originally came from Saint Veronica. It is a wonderful filler flower - it can add color and volume to your silk flower arrangements. Think about for wedding arrangements, centerpieces for your tables and naturally artificial flower arrangements.

silk veronica flowers

Look for in multiple blooms and in single stems. These artificial flowers really are stunningly beautiful - the silk veronica flower spray is gorgeous and realistic and many find the to be very romantic.

There are so many home decor uses for you and do not forget can be used in your office - brighten up your desk or reception area.

This faux flower will allow you to have fun with your decor as using these faux Veronica flowers can be a really playful element along with other silk flowers or simply set in a beautiful vase.

Again another use - how about in a bouquet - adding great color and graphic zing. Adds fullness and volume easily - no matter what they will do a great job. Got a boring area or just bored with a specific space - try these great fun faux flowers.