Headstone Flowers

Headstone Flowers

Headstone flowers – if you have just lost your loved one, no word of consolation will be enough to heal your wound. Everything is mortal in this world and so is your loved one. One thing that will be living with you is his or her memories. A good way to pay the lasting tribute to the departed soul will be to get a beautiful headstone built up in the cemetery where the person’s mortal remains have been buried or cremated. And, if you want a rock-solid structure for the headstone, granite will be the best material to choose.

After you are done with the memorial service, it is time to design the headstone that will be placed at the burial or cremation site. Granite headstones are hugely popular. This is mainly because granite is a strong material that lends longevity to a structure. Not only that, the granite-made headstone comes in a variety of colors and has a shining surface as well. The name of the dead and other details can be prominently engraved on the shining surface of headstones.

How to design a granite-built headstone?

Designing is all about adding a personal touch that makes your creation different from others. However, headstone design is a very different concept. Apart from your creative style, you need to instill the inspirational traits of the deceased person in the design so that the granite headstone reflects his life and personality. As you were very intimate with the person and saw him from close quarter, so you know more about the person than others do. Make sure, the design is a mirror to his true character, and the things that were very much unique to him.

headstone flowers silk flower arrangements
headstone flowers

The character apart, you can get the person’s profession and hobby reflected in the design. The headstone should also be reflective of the activities that the deceased used to indulge in when he was alive. If he was a painter by profession or loved to play with colors, the stone should be made colorful along with the engraving of a paint brush or palette on it.

Flowers from the likes of Silky Flower Store are appropriate for headstone designing. Each flower has its own symbolical significance. So do make sure to know the color implication of a flower or flowers before using it in the granite headstone design. People of different communities generally like to get the symbols that represent their faiths and sentiments of their communities, engraved on the stone. If the person was a Christian, the ‘Cross’ symbol will be a fitting accent to his headstone design and do not forget long lasting flowers for grave.

Headstones are expensive, especially when they are made of granite. You need to take extra care so that the finishing always looks great and be a lasting respect to the deceased.

Whether you have just lost a loved one or you are making plans for your own eventual passing, cremation is an option. This process involves the complete reduction of a body to ashes as a result of intense incineration, generally performed in a crematorium furnace. About 35 percent of all people in the United States choose this procedure.

Cost Effectiveness

Just as you shop for value with other purchases, it’s important to make value and pricing decisions as you plan a funeral. The price difference between a traditional burial and a cremation can be significant. Some expenses such as the basic services fee will not change for either option. However, there are some important differences that can drastically affect the final price tag of a funeral. Embalming preparation is one expense of a traditional burial that you would not have with cremation. The type of casket you choose will be the biggest determiner of final expenses. A typical casket costs about $2,000, but the nicest mahogany or bronze caskets could cost up to $10,000. Most people spend between $5,500 and $9,500 for a traditional burial. The price for the other alternative generally ranges between $1,000 and $6,000. This range depends on the number of services you add to the package, including flowers, funeral services, and casket.

Flexibility with Services

Many people appreciate having some flexibility with scheduling funeral or memorial services. When you choose to cremate instead of going the traditional route, you have several options. You can schedule the funeral immediately before the process. You could also schedule a memorial service to occur after the process. Furthermore, you could have immediate family assemble for a cremation service at the time of the process. Some people even opt for this procedure without any formal service whatsoever. Family members spread out over great distances may appreciate this flexibility with scheduling. After the conclusion of the procedure, you have several options for the remains. You can scatter the ashes, or you can also keep the ashes in a special urn. Some people opt to purchase a location for permanent interment of the remains.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental consciousness leads some people to consider their burial options carefully. Materials used for caskets, toxic chemicals used during embalming, and the plot for the remains can all affect the environment. Using hardwoods or metal materials for caskets slows or prevents decomposition of the casket as well as the natural decomposition of the deceased. Using viable land for cemeteries prevents using this land for other agricultural purposes. Embalming fluids used to prepare the deceased for burial will end up in the soil after burial. These chemicals are carcinogenic, and they may travel to nearby waterways where they may end up in the water supply. Choosing cremation allows you to avoid the issues with chemicals and burial, but the process does emit greenhouse gases into the environment.

Explore your options to determine which one fits your needs and desires at the end of life.