Headstone Flower Vase

Headstone Flower Vase

Building a memorial for a dear one has a cathartic effect on our soul (including getting a headstone flower vase). All those unsaid feelings, the good and bad moments spent with the person and that great sense of loss tend to all take the shape of a memorial. We need that special place where we can go and find our lost loved one. We need that physical remembrance of the person. It is almost like worshipping. A vase on the headstone is a place to hold flowers – ideally silk funeral flowers which last for months.

We know that god is all around us, yet we need a church, a statue, a cross, to pray. Likewise, we need a memorial to go visit when we are missing the person we have lost. When someone is close to our hearts, we go out of our way to make everything special for them. A lot of thought and effort go into planning for each special day, each gift we buy for them. With death, all other opportunities seizes and the only way we can show our love and appreciation for them is by building a worthy memorial. It could be a simple headstone with a simple message or it could be an elaborate kerb set with dressy headstones and exquisite designs. You can now make your memorials even more special by adding memorial vases.

Whenever we visit the graves of our loved ones, we always make it a point to carry a bunch of flowers to place at their graves. However, when these flowers dry up and spread all across the grave, they do not look pretty. In fact, it looks quite ugly and unkempt. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in a memorial vase to be kept near the grave. This vase can hold all the flowers placed at your loved ones grave and you do not need to think about the flowers littering the graves later.

There are many options available in vases, where granite and marble are the two most popular choices of material. With granite, you get mostly dark colors, which range from gray, to browns to black. Most of them are etched with beautiful designs and you can even get a small message imprinted on it. There are many shapes available as well. Besides the regular square-shaped vase, there is the heart-shaped, and you can also get one which has the curvaceous body of a traditional vase. The marble ones are more serene and the pristine white base makes your printed words stand out. While the imprinted images enhance the granite vase’s aesthetic value, the carvings on the marble makes these vases truly beautiful to behold. You can even invest in some candle boxes so that the melted wax does not ruin the beauty of the memorial.

silk grave saddle
Silk Grave Saddle

Getting Tombstones Online

Convenience is one of the most important considerations. Many people think about memorials and headstones at a most complicated time of life. During the mourning process it can be hard to think clearly and the last thing you may feel like doing is going out somewhere to look at tombstones. This can easily be taken care of from the comfort of home and can make a most difficult situation, a little bit easier.

Price is always important. Some markers can be very costly, especially if you want something elaborate like stone angels or memorial benches. A reputable online monument supplier can provide you with the most beautiful and ornate of items. Plus, you may notice a substantial difference in price from most local sources. After all, there is no reason to pay a great deal of money when you can get something just as beautiful or even better, from an online source.

You receive more selections online, on average. Perhaps you are not sure exactly how you want to memorialize your loved one. Local sources may have a limited amount of choices for you. When you find a top online supplier you will receive an enormous amount of selections. For instance, you may wish to go with a fine etching in granite or marble. These items are not only impressive, they will last for centuries.

Some online suppliers offer special selections. For instance, one can order the perfect memorial according to profession. Perhaps this person worked in professional sports or was in the Merchant Navy. Maybe your loved one was a foundry worker or court reporter. You can find special monuments like these if you shop the right online supplier.

You may save on accessories when you shop the Internet. Many monuments have places for flowers and graveside vases can be very expensive. You will find some ornate and detailed vases online, and at affordable prices.

Most people nowadays have made some type of purchase online. In fact, many are realizing an enormous amount of benefits with this shopping strategy. When it is time to look into a headstone for grave adornment, there are many reasons to consider the Internet.

Deciding on a Memorial

When you are looking for memorials or gravestones, whether you are planning ahead for yourself or are shopping for a loved one who has recently passed, you may find the number of choices that you have to make regarding their design overwhelming. There are a huge amount of variations in colour, patterning, type of stone, decorations, lettering and much, much more for you to take in. Another element that you may not have considered is kerbing. Deciding to include a kerb on your memorial can increase the cost, but many people feel that kerbing brings a lot to a headstone and makes it feel much more complete. Once you have chosen to include kerbing on your memorial, you then have a number of choices regarding the design of it, the most important being what will go within the kerb itself.

spring cemetery flowers
Spring Cemetery Flowers

The material for it should match the headstone to provide a uniform appearance, but the corners and the skirting can be altered to your specifications. Some people prefer a sombre touch with few features, whereas others go for embellished kerbs with carvings and more detail corners, perhaps even with small structures or containers.

Next is the kerb’s content. One of the most popular choices, and one that you may well be familiar with, is filling the kerb with chippings of material, either coloured or of stone. This can be costly at first, but provides a lower level of maintenance for the memorial and will keep looking good for years to come. There are plenty of colours and materials to pick from so you are sure to be able to find one that complements the colour of your stone and is to your taste.

Another favourite is to have the kerb filled with soil, which allows for a flower display to be grown there. Obviously, there is more maintenance involved in this method than just chippings, but the results can be magnificent and are a fitting memorial to your loved one.

The final choice is to have a granite slab take up the space inside the kerb, which can be of a different stone or the same type as the headstone. This can then have its own engravings and designs, be plain or act as a stand for a vase for flowers or other ornament. This is an expensive option as it increases the amount of stone needed and the work required by a large amount, but it is also a finish that ensures the durability of the gravestone and looks excellent.