Faux Wedding Flowers

Faux Wedding Flowers

Faux Wedding Flowers – it is every girl’s dream to say I Do on that special day to that special person. The wedding day has got a lot of importance in both a man’s and a woman’s life – it is the day when both would like everything to be just perfect. Everything from invitation cards to venue decorations has to be just ‘wow’ making each moment the most special. However, when it comes to wedding venue decorations, nothing but artificial silk flowers seem to be a solution to every worry associated with floral arrangements.

Not only they look beautiful but also offer several advantages over their real counterparts that make them everybody’s first choice. Unlike real blooms that tend to wilt by the evening time (in a few hours’ time), the silk flower decorations retain their freshness for a longer period of time (in fact, for many years!). Further, as they are made from the finest quality raw fabrics such as silk, polyester, nylon, crêpe, gauge etc they look fabulous and add sophistication of natural flowers to the entire decorations. Another reason of using them as an alternative is the fact that the artificial flowers in the UK are, these days, made using state-of-the-art techniques and machinery to meet even the smallest botanical detail of real things and thereby look extremely realistic.

A variety of decorative ideas may include:

Artificial silk flower ivy is put at entrance ways and across the back of the stage to add grace. It would be a fantastic idea to welcome your guests to a lively place.

You could also get the tables decorated with fake garlands that consist of variegated leaves and artificial flowers that are handcrafted from silk or other fabrics.

The variety of floral silk centerpieces can also be placed on tables so that your guests enjoy their meals the more. The centerpieces further can be decorated with crystal balls, colored stones or foam balls, ribbons etc.

Even the bridal bouquets as well as the groom’s silk boutonnieres, at present, are made from artificial silk flowers.

Available in a variety of designs – cascade, kissing ball, arm sheaf, etc – the bouquets look beautiful and can be saved as memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The floral hair accessory for a bride is again something that can be opted for in lieu of the real ones. Unlike the latter, the former will allow you to enjoy more of your wedding – you may not be worrying about your hairdos!