faux topiary trees

Faux Topiary Trees

We have been selling artificial topiary trees for close to ten years now, so you will be able to see a large range of them here. To look after live topiary trees is a time-consuming job hence faux topiary is what we offer. So here you will see a big range of artificial topiaries that are of a high quality, and you will find them very accurate against the live ones.

If you are looking for fake topiary trees that will fit perfectly and enhance your home or garden all year, these will be perfect coming in many sizes, shapes, styles and types.

Faux Topiary Trees

Should you wish to create a real looking garden, we have many real looking plants that you can install right away. Coming here to buy online mean you do not have to go through the hassle of planting after preparing them. Not having hassle is a super important point – as these artificial trees will last and last without you having to maintain the plants – and still looking great season to season. No matter the outside area, patio or garden, you will find the artificial topiary trees that will fit well. You will be able to mix and match them all the way from a little inside potted tree to a big statement piece. To meet your needs you will find many textures, colors, types and sizes.

faux topiary trees
faux topiary trees

No matter what the outdoor or indoor space, you will find something appropriate in our range. When you check out the range you see they are highly accurate. You will find our pricing is highly competitive and delivery is fast. Many of the products are UV resistant if you are going to use outside always check for that – and they are made to be tough when outside. That way these plants stay healthy and stunning for years – as well as not needing maintenance.

For a little history, topiary have been about for thousands of years – right back to the Romans. More recently it has been English gardens that have popularized them. They have used them in decking areas, at entrances like front doors, or of course in gardens. No matter what the space, they will look stylish and contemporary. Historically, topiary have been made from boxwood leaves but now the range of what they are produced from has increased. Examples are holly, privet and cedar – all very popular. The live version tend to be very time-consuming and indeed difficult. You tend to need to be in the correct environment and the owner needs to have a super patience and have a lot of skill (or money)! For lots of people it just would not work hence faux topiary of high quality.

So to add style in a simple and quick way that requires little maintenance – artificial topiary are the answer. You can use in the garden, on a balcony, at your front door and more.

Do you have an area that does not get a lot of sunlight or simply an area that a plant could not live? Well you need to look at artificial topiary. Well, being able to use highly lifelike trees in that area would be ideal. Given the range you will be able to select something that fits perfectly and will enhance your exterior and interior decor. Do not forget that they would look great in a commercial situation as well. How about in a retail situation, a hotel or restaurant? Perfect as they always look great and fresh

Have you seen spiral topiary trees like those in the image above? Well using them is a comparatively inexpensive ways of making sure you outdoor areas stay great season to season. With them, you can save lots of time, not need to buy pesticides and no need to water. Given all the jobs you tend to have to do each day, anything you can do to reduce the amount of time needed to spend on garden maintenance is great. Check out how accurate these spiral topiary trees are – you will be very impressed, allowing you to have an amazing looking garden. Check out the shades of colors and their textures.

Why are these trees so popular? Well there is the being maintenance free aspect, but you also do not have to water them. Not only that, but you do not have to be super careful as to where you place them (sunlight etc.) – and looking stunning all the time. No matter the weather they will also look great – and not to mention the great pricing as well.

Artificial Outdoor Topiary Trees

Although we have lots of topiary trees that are perfect for indoors, we do indeed have lots for outdoors. They last and last so your garden gets that extra zap all year around. You can just lie back and enjoy their beauty. You can be pretty certain the plants will be in stock when you start the process of buying from this big range of types and sizes which includes bay topiary trees, spiral topiary trees, ball topiary trees coming all sorts of sizes whether in pots or not.

So in summary, if you are looking for artificial topiary that are a very competitive price, last and last, are low maintenance and are beautiful, this is the place to find them.