Faux Flowers

Faux Flowers for Home or Office

Often treated as inferior to natural blooms the artificial flowers are also called by a name ‘silk flowers’ or ‘faux flowers‘ because they are (often) made from fabrics like silk. True… although they are found in all the decorations as well as at every home or office, they are believed to be a not-so-good alternative by a few people. There are some who do not like using them and stiff with live flowers for incorrect reasons or myths.

This post is dedicated to all the people who still keep struggling with the natural flowers. The post has taken that step further to convince them that silk flowers too are elegant and can be used for adding glory to their places.

Myth 01: Natural blooms are better than their unnatural replicas.

The flowers these days are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics like silk, polyester or nylon that provide as shiny look to them as the real blooms possess. In fact, they are either machine made or handcrafted with such precision that none could recognize if they are unreal. The craftsmen, owing to their in-depth experience, make sure that every detail of each part of the real things is copied as it is.

Myth 02: The artificial flowers are difficult to take care of.

No ways! The fact is that other than the occasional light dusting, no maintenance is needed. Unlike real flowers that need to be watered every day or need to be replaced sometimes with fresh flowers, they never die and always retain their luster. People tend to worry that they might end up breaking their blooms as they seem so sophisticated. However, the truth is that although the silk flowers are made of soft fabrics, they are tied with caution and are durable. Even florists love them for the reason that they do not break away when set into complex arrangements.

Myth 03: They are made from unsafe materials.

Artificial flowers it the USA are made from high quality fabrics such as polyester, cotton, silk, sateen, nylon as well as materials like plastic, paper, latex, rubber etc that is safe to use. Provided you buy them from a renowned supplier, they may not harm your baby even if he gets to put them in the mouth! Further, the material is coated with solvent based inks to prevent wilting or fading when put in direct sun.

Myth 04: They cost you a fortune!

Silk flowers or for that matter any type of flowers are available in a great variety to meet your individual tastes and preferences. What makes them more interesting is the fact that you could buy them at cost-effective prices or even on sale. The added advantage will be that they will not need to be bought time and again. So the up front cost is usually cheaper and of course they last and last so no weekly costs, and they are just beautiful for you to enjoy them like artificial hanging flowers for years to come.
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