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Faux Flower Arrangements

Faux Flower Arrangements

Our most elegant and impressive home decorations, if you know how to choose, arrange, and make it perfect – great faux flower arrangements. Actually, learning how to perfectly come up with the best silk flowers to put on your center table of your front desk is so light and simple, fast and very much practical. The materials are all so easy to find. Fabric, millinery supplies, ribbons and attractive flowers from silk are just among of those well-known basic materials of flowers that are from silk.

faux flower arrangements

If you are having plans of including wreaths and swags to enhance more the look of your entire home, you have to choose the right flowers to use. To learn how to do this exciting task, then below are the following step-by-step guidelines for your review:

How to Make Flowers That are Made of Silk

You don’t have to dent your savings just to come up with the best hand-made flowers. Believe it or not but all you need are sharp scissors, fabric, candle, a reliable needle, and a working sewing thread. Choose the right type of fabrics. You may like to use the natural ones, but synthetic fibers are more flexible and highly recognized. Dupioni and organza are the most perfect silk names for this purpose. Create flower shapes and circles from these silks. Just carefully burn the edges with a candle then stitch the centers. After that, use the colorful beads, attractive crystals, jewels or any shaped buttons to the centers of the hand-made flowers. This will add more to its attraction. If you want a more perfect flower like tulips, just simply make elongated strips of silk fabric and fold them. Trim the corners and make sure they are uniform with sharp scissors and burn the edges with the candle. Roll the fabric as if you are forming the shape of the tulips. For your convenience, use floral wire to support the stems and leaves. You can also use it instead of a wooden stick to ensure the shape is formed well.

How to Choose Silk Flowers

Make sure your choice of flowers has a certain connection to the overall ambiance of the area where you are planning to place it. Tip: match the color of your flowers to the color of your space. It would be nice if you choose the naturally colored silk blossoms for the loveliest fake flower arrangements. The colors within the arrangement should also reflect your home overall theme as well. It is a wise idea that you look and gather details on different fresh flower arrangements available online or to your nearest flower shop to know which flowers would work best inside your home.

How to Arrange Flowers from Silk

Your base must be stable and hard to secure the flower to the ground. You can choose either the floral foam or clay for this purpose. It is advised that you select the floral clay if you are planning to make a huge arrangement and stick it with glue, especially at the bottom of the low arranged flowers to avoid it from falling. Hint: place the tallest and largest flower first at the very center before the smaller ones. You can use floral picks to lengthen those flowers you like to be emphasized and cut those you want to place on the sides. For those flowers with weak stems or that do not have a manageable figure, use the glue gun to secure them in place.

Doing your own silk flowers is perhaps one of your most exciting tasks to do for the entire weekend. Do not do the whole task alone, call some of your family members and give them an exciting time. And if ever you find the whole idea important for you to start a good income-generating business, then make and arrange silk flowers