artificial african violet with vase

Faux African Violets

Faux African Violets | Study of Silk Flowers

There are many different types of Faux African Violets some of which come in pots. They really are quite stunning and come in say fuchsia with pink and crimson and even having grey leaves with a whitewashed look. How about having in a bush and in plum and eggplant with flocked leaves. Can be used for weddings to just having on your office desk.

faux african violets

Silk Flowers History

There are, and we have a huge range of silk flowers. We thought it would be useful to add a quick history of artificial flowers. It should be said that the word silk is not an exact definition (made using silk worms) – but covers various types of fabrics that have been treated in certain ways – not necessarily actual silk. It may also be helpful if we go over why these artificial flowers are important in the modern world and before.

Originally the faux flowers came from China and indeed were made from silk worms. It is hard to know this for absolute certainty, but it seems very likely. The history of artificial flower certainly goes all the way to at least Ancient Egypt which were rendered in papyrus. The Europeans certainly had them in the 18th and 19th century and were first used in Paris (naturally). They were created out of silk or crêpe paper. There are many arts and crafts classes about where making artificial flowers is on the lesson plan. Silk is perfect for creating flower art works as it can be easily folded and keeps its shape.

There then came a time when polymer products were being developed (20th century) which made huge changed to the faux flower market. The raw material celluloid was started to be used to create stunning floral arrangements in the early part of if the century but unfortunately had the habit of catching on fire. So foam stepped in (and further products) and that could be made super thin so say petals could be realistically made, so crêpe stopped being used. A tiny proportion of faux flowers are still made out of silk but given the cost…. Having said that given how beautiful and realistic they are there is still a market such as silk African violets and others.

Of recent time new materials such as polyester and cotton mixes have been developed that has the softness of silk and are even tougher and more long-lasting. These are used extensively as they also maintain their color for longer and are a lot more cost-effective to create than silk. The way things will go currently looks like being with these products

These faux flowers last for quite some time and can be used in different circumstances again and again. No watering nor having to pick up petals. Perfect for your homes’ decoration, lighting up and dull interior.