Fake Wisteria Vines

silk wisteria flowers

Fake Wisteria Vines

Fake Wisteria Vines | Artificial Wisteria Vine Garlands

These fake wisteria vines have lots of uses. Start off think by thinking to use as a wedding arch – many colors dependent on the theme you are going for. Maybe buy 4 and they will look great. You can use at wedding for other purposes as well as at parties, lots of ceremonies or parties. naturally you can use to simply beautify your home of office.

fake wisteria flowers

Think about using over doors, walls, mirrors, swing (yes there are lots of uses). These natural looking faux wisteria flowers are really lifelike – elegant and simple. Very long lasting and super easy to maintain and use again and again. You can use all year around and again and again. Other places to use – how about in a bedroom, a lovely seating area to add a romantic touch

For those interested Wisteria (the live versions) are a gnus of of the legume family – that originally came from Japan, China, Korea and amazingly (to me any way) the Eastern United States.

Faux Wisteria have full blooms that area a wonderful sight that can lift your spirit. These silk flowers will blend into almost any situation – as mentioned say bedrooms, porches – they can easily set a mood and complete and decor. Probably the biggest use of silk wisteria is for outdoor weddings and can be excellent additions to silk flower bridesmaids bouquets and artificial flower wedding centerpieces.

By the way another word for a wedding arch is an arbor. It is simply an arch back to that word again) made up of flowers, vines – or branches or any combinations of – for the Bride and Groom to be under when they say those magic words. They really set the mood for the event and imagine what it does for the photos! A standard size is 56 by 144 by 45 – width, height and depth. Apparently the arbor is a symbol of the future home the bride and groom will live in – or of course just to look beautiful!

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