Fake Sunflowers

Fake Sunflowers

You love flowers, how about fake sunflowers? You would like a bright wedding theme? you wish the sun? Then why don’t you employ sunflowers for your main wedding theme. The sunflower may be a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and peace. What more are you able to wish for your marriage? If you would like to possess a bright-yellow sunflower wedding, remember that the simplest time to urge real sunflowers is July to September. But just in case you’ve got no problem to use silk sunflowers for the decoration, you’ll have this type of marriage round the whole year.


The colors you employ for the decoration and therefore the dresses should be light colors like yellow, orange and crème. Colors that reflect summer and make a sunny, warm and straightforward feeling. You’ll use some red and brown dabs to relax the theme a touch.


The best decoration for a sunflower wedding consists of -of course- more sunflowers. You’ll have sunflower candles, sunflowers printed on table cloths and napkins, sunflower lights, flower arrangements made from sunflowers (best complemented by other bright-colored flowers like white roses) and far more. But there’s also no real reason to prevent with the decoration. Why not use sunflower tie holders for the groom or sunflower hair pins for the bride and therefore the bridesmaids? Or sunflower ornaments on the dresses? You’ve got tons of options here, so be creative.


Usually each of the bridesmaids carries one sunflower. The bride features a bouquet of sunflowers, often complemented by roses or chamomiles. Ask your local florist for more ideas. If you’re on a budget ask him about silk blooms for the complementary flowers of your bouquet and decoration, too.

Wedding Favors

Give some extra candles just like the ones you used for your table centerpieces as favors. Or give your guests real sunflowers for his or her homes. A really nice wedding favor may be a custom bagged sunflower seeds together with your names and therefore the wedding date on the bag. Your guests can plant the seeds next spring within their garden and can believe your wonderful big day whenever they see the grown sunflower in the summer.

You see how easy it’s to create the decoration of your reception around these beautiful plant? So if you’re trying to find a fresh, sunny and warm floral theme for your wedding, make certain to think about sunflowers.

Buying Silk Flowers

There are many benefits to buying silk blooms like faux peonies over real. First, fake flowers don’t need water. Second, fake flowers don’t need sunlight. Third, fake flowers will never wilt. Fourth, fake flowers will last forever. Lastly, fake flowers will never affect anyone’s nasal allergies. Within the following paragraphs i will be able to mention these five points and allow you to make the ultimate decision to either choose silk or real.

  1. You are doing not need to water: Artificial flowers are better than real ones because you do not need to water them. Today, people of all ages quite ever are on the run scrambling about their day. And the maximum amount as we might wish to have and look after real flowers in our lebensraum odds are they might never get watered and die. Silk blooms are never thirst and may be set in acrylic water to form it to appear as if they’re real flowers in water.
  2. They are doing not need sunlight: Artificial flowers are better than real ones because they do not need sunlight. Unless you reside during a greenhouse, we all have that one room that’s constantly dim or flat-out dark. Artificial flowers don’t care if they’re in direct sunlight or on a shelf in your closet.
  3. Won’t wilt: Artificial flowers are better than real ones because they’re going to never wilt. A wilting flower is gloomy and depressing to seem at. A flower can only be pollinated once, and then the plant produces a chemical called ethylene that causes the flowers to wilt and die. Fake flowers haven’t any pollen nor produce ethylene. Silk blooms are often scented to smell like real flowers.
  4. Last Forever: prevent money – Artificial flowers are better than real ones because they’re going to prevent money. If you wish the design of flowers in your house/apartment then your only two options are to consistently purchase real flowers to exchange the old ones, which may easily add up to 100 bucks a month, or buy silk blooms. Silk blooms not only prevent money, but you’ll always resell them on eBay or Craigslist if you not want them.
  5. Nasal Allergies: Nasal allergies are uncomfortable, annoying and just plain miserable. Nasal allergies occur when an allergen gets into your body and your system goes nuts thinking it must kill it before it harms you. Pollen from flowers is an allergen. Thankfully silk blooms are made up of plastic, rubber and silk which don’t affect nasal allergies.

Quickly recapping on what has been written: firstly, you never need to water silk products. Secondly, a silk sprays never needs sunlight. Thirdly, wilting is impossible for a silk blossoms. Fourthly, silk clusters are often resold or gifted. And lastly, silk blossoms and buds will never cause an allergy attack. If you’ve got all the time within the world to properly nurture and grow your own flowers than I envy you. But, if you wish flowers and live a quick paced life I feel you will be pleasantly surprised with the standard of today’s silk blooms from Silky Flower Store.