Fake Rose Flowers

Fake Rose Flowers

Here at Silky Flower Store we have pretty well every color that there is and within those colors a huge range of types and sizes and styles of fake rose flowers. Now think about all those meanings and messages – you can for example make up a bouquet that will say precisely what you mean to say. Also remember these silk flower arrangements will last and last reminding them of that message for a very long time with these stunning flowers.

Now there are also lots of different types of using these flowers for example how about baby’s breath with a lovely pastel rose – put in an old saucer and teacup and place on a surface it would enhance. How about twining rose stems and wind them around a mirror – a lovely bit of romance with say fake flowers in vase.

Another favorite is placing silk rose stems in curtain tie backs either at say weddings or at home – you will get lots of comments!

There are of course lots and lots of other ideas out there using these quality faux roses that are super realistic. Think about for an artificial flower centerpiece, corsages and lovely bouquets. Use your creativity and the sky is the limit.

No matter what you are looking for we are almost certain to have – the unusual instance of us not, just email us!