Hawaii Yellow Frangipani flower

Fake Frangipani Flowers

Fake Frangipani Flowers

If you are looking for a graceful and lively silk flower well you can’t go past fake frangipani flowers that you can use in both your work areas and your home. They are very lifelike and will brighten whatever room you put them in. They will enhance your decor giving the area you have chosen a real extra splash of color. There are a good few types of Frangipani ranging from Lei to Frangipani bushes and silk Frangipani sprays,

fake frangipani flowers

Energize your target room with these classy faux flowers that has lots of class. They have a real feel good factor that will enhance any interior with their look and feel. You will be able to use the season after season and of course no watering and very little maintenance. Should say your lounge need a modern look – well then a perfect silk flower. Your visitors will be impressed, and you will find they will lift your spirits every day you see them.

For those interested a frangipani in the live state is also called a Plumeria. These are use a lot in weddings.

Faux flowers like artificial frangipani flowers can be used in a silk flower centerpiece. They really are stunning and many would think of as an art work. For those like me who do not have a green thumb they are just perfect. No watering, so no wilting and dropping petals.

So with but some simple care these floral arrangements will stay beautiful for a very, very long time. Most areas are fine for silk flowers to be in, but there are a few to avoid. The first is to keep away from areas you prepare food in as you do not want say fat grease or oil accumulating on the flowers. The other is sitting in direct sun as that can cause fading. There are some UV protected fake flowers which can be a put in direct sunlight, or you can get a can of UV protector and spray it on the flowers. Having said that they can be left in those areas – they will just not last as long.

The next thing to think about is to diary in a bit of dusting once in a while. Some say twice a year and other once a month I am a twice a year person – having said that the silk flowers may be in an area that accumulates a lot of dust so just keep an eye out. You can use to say a feather duster or (my favorite) a can of compressed air. Start at the top of the plant and work your way down.

Some like to use water to clean them, but our experience suggests dusting is enough. If you do want to try washing try an area of the fake flower that will not show and test their first. Anyway without having to do much work at all these say fake frangipani flowers will stay stunning for years and years.