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Fake Bromeliad

Fake Bromeliad | Artificial Bromeliad Flowers

Do you have a room that needs to be freshened up and look imposing well try our fake bromeliad flowers. They are super vivid and give a really positive feel and look great in almost any part of your house. They will last a long time and be able to be used in different positions and help create silk flowers arrangement ideas.

fake bromediad

The look and feel of the faux flower is very life like and realistic – and the colors impressive. There are all sorts of places you can use these flowers including a windowsill (careful of light exposure levels there) a bookshelf or on a table as a centerpiece.

Note that the live version of this flower is curiously enough of the same family as the pineapple. Originally found from the Caribbean to almost all the Latin America area.

You can try a silk bromeliad spray as an accent that will add some grace at any event making it different and entertaining. The color really leaps out at you and makes sure your interiors are not dull. As you may know you will not have to water these flowers nor pick up the petals.

A silk bromeliad is a flower that can be used as a centerpiece which is super charming and pretty – no matter where you place it. The range of styles and colors available these days means that purchasing a centerpiece that goes with your interior is not at all difficult. Blending in is usually the idea, although sometimes you might want something that is eye-catching and really stands out.

Anyway look at the existing colors in the room like the furniture, walls, pictures even ceiling. Then when picking the silk floral centerpiece at least one color should come together. Think also about the style of the home – is it for example modern or traditional. The faux flowers need to match.

With modern – what we mean by that simple and minimalist, so you could go with a narrow and tall arrangement with no curves. The next popular look is country which tends towards a fuller look with an emphasis on the ornate. So a vase with heaps of silk flowers. One tip would be to think about flowers that are found in a backyard – put those in.

Finally, (of the major popular styles) there is contemporary which simply means what is really popular now but not including modern or country. So not country frilled nor modern sharpness. So yes go for curvy look but not country elaborate. There can also be spaces in the arrangement unlike the country ideal.

Having said all that given the huge number of styles shapes sizes and colors available to those looking for silk flower arrangements it will come as no surprise that there is a fair bit of cross over. Another point to think about is that many flowers tend to be used at certain times of the year or for specific celebrations like poinsettia at Christmas or Thanksgiving – they can be rolled out for all the designs mentioned.

When you get the colors working appropriately you will have a really beautiful arrangement fitting perfectly with your decor.