Crystal Flower Vases

Just imagine the look of crystal flower vases at that special event of your wedding. Add say a large artificial flower arrangement and wow what an elegant and stylish look! Look through the rang which includes lots of different types including crystal bowls, chandelier hurricanes, pedestal trumpet vases and more.

So what are crystal vases made out of and what is the difference between crystal and glass? Lets start with the name – crystal is actually a subcategory of glass so is made of glass but with other additives. The materials that are put in the glass are lead oxide, soda and silica making it strong and beautiful. There vare two standard ways of telling is you have crystal in your and. My favorite is gently tapping the vessel and if you here a musical ring (with an echo) it is crystal. The second is to hold the vessel up to a light – seeing a rainbow effect – it is crystal.

How about using a crystal bowl as a centerpiece on a table with say fruit or sand or flowers. A c real conversation piece would be a contemporary shaped crystal bud vase also as a centerpiece. Another idea would be on a side table with crystal vase with facets and bunch of flowers. A vase in the shape of a pedestal trumpet is beautiful in its self and then you will be able to see the flowers and stems as well.

Look out for the highly competitive pricing as well as the vases on sale prices.