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In this article I will address the commonly misunderstood time to plant a cremation urn flowers – that grows trees. Now, for a quick overview, or if you’re one of those people who stumbled across this article and have no idea what I am referring to: these cremation urns I am writing about have a growth medium, tree seeds (unless it was purchased without the seeds) of the user’s choice, and then cremation ashes of the loved one are placed inside the urn and planted, so the ashes end up literally nourishing the tree (or bush or flowers), creating a truly living memorial. The purpose of this article is to address the timing of planting these cremation urns.


The main part of this section is to understand that it is just the life cycle of the seed/plant being planted that we must pay attention to, to understand when we can expect to see a sprout.

For instance, a cremation urn with Japanese Maple seeds needs to go through cold stratification, that is, the winter, in Mother Nature’s terms. Now, the seeds may indeed be planted in the spring, but they most likely will not sprout until the following spring. I say most likely, because this is generally what happens to bring seeds out of their dormant state. There may be a small percentage of seeds that sprout early, but just expect that you will not see a sprout until spring, then all uncertainty is avoided.

Although it is fine to plant seeds that need overwintering in the spring or summer, the tendency is for people to water them regularly, looking for a sprout, when one will just not come until the following spring. Or else they follow directions to put the seeds through cold stratification artificially, by putting it in the refrigerator and following special directions for their particular type of seed. This is fine, and usually works, but this method can cause some people to wonder if their seeds were good, or if they were watering enough, or if they followed the directions appropriately. This is why Fall/Winter planting is desirable, so Mother Nature can do the watering and the cold stratification, bringing forth the new plant in the spring.


If it is one’s desire to use the cremation urn to grow a bush, some types of flowers, a sapling, or some types of conifers, planting in the spring is a fine time to plant. Indeed, these urns can be planted any time of year, the objective if you desire to plant in the spring, is to find out if your desired plant will do well with a spring planting.

Of course, it makes all the difference if you plant a sapling instead of seeds, which brings us to one final consideration.


I mentioned above that the cremation urns could be obtained without the seeds. In this case there is much more room for variation, being that one can use unusual plants, or saplings and let the cremation ashes nourish the plant to maturity. Spring or Fall is a fine time in this case.

For those who want to start with seeds, or who have no choice due to the type of plant desired, seeds most definitely are a viable option, given they are right for your area, keeping in mind the usual need for cold stratification.

In conclusion, Nature will pretty much do her thing. In the case of seeds, the dormancy must be broken through winter. Winter is a part of the life cycle. Spring growth is part of the life cycle. Biodegradable cremation urns help one life nourish another.

Choosing a Funeral Urn

It is more of a personal choice than a need. Many people would choose something that would be based on the deceased person’s favorite color, hobby, profession or the sporting team that he/she follows. To get a unique urn suited for the purpose you need to do a slight research. And therefore when you go searching for that unique cremation urn please do keep in mind three things – the design, the material that it is made of and the style of the urn. These factors matter if you plan to place the urn at such place which is visible to visitors too. There are some things which you need to keep in mind while getting the cremation urn:

1. Place where you plan to keep it:

This is one of the most important aspects which you need to take into consideration before getting a cremation urn for your loved one. You can keep it at home but at times it might be too strong a memory of your loss. Hence, you will have to talk to other family members and decide upon it. Another option is that you bury the urn in a cemetery plot. One of the most beautiful things you can do to keep the memory of your loved one is buried the urn in your own backyard and develop a beautiful garden in his/her memory. The blooming flowers will always remind you of the happy moments that you had spent with your loved one.

2. Material of the urn

Cremation urns come in all types of material and in all shapes and sizes. You will have to take a call as to which material you would like. There are urns available in metal and marble which are traditionally used. But these days there are urns also available in bio-degradable material like glass, wood. There are even keepsake urns available that come in miniature sizes to necklace pendants depending upon your preference of the urn.

3. Cost of the Urn

No one would like to put a price to the love that they have for the deceased; yet it is one of the factors that needs to be taken into consideration. The kind of urn you get, the material that is used for it and the place from where you got it decide the cost that you will have to incur for this memory. You can get the cremation urn from the crematorium where the last rites were performed or a store, or you can even get it online these days. The thing that matters is that you should be happy with it irrespective of from wherever you get it or whatever material is used. The memories of your loved ones should be cherished properly.

Second Contribution

Keepsake cremation urn flowers are smaller versions of traditional-sized urns, designed to allow families to divide up their loved one’s remains into “keepsakes.” Rather than keeping only one large urn, keepsake urns are a perfect way for family members and friends to share in memorializing the life of a loved one. Like cremation urns, they come in all shapes and sizes.

1. Personalization – What better way to reflect the vibrant life of a loved one than with personalization of an urn? Depending on the material of the urn, it is possible to engrave a loved one’s names, initials and birthdate, or even a tribute, favorite quote or song lyric.
2. Jewelry – To keep the memory of a loved one truly close to your heart, you may opt for keepsake jewelry in the form of a necklace pendant, bracelet, charm, or rosary. Cremation keychains are also an option.
3. More than just ashes – Many keepsake urns have a space to hold your loved one’s favorite piece of jewelry, a lock of hair, dried ceremonial flowers or other mementos.
4. Custom design – Did your loved one have special hobbies that were important to them? You can have a custom keepsake urn to reflect the life of your loved one. You can even have a small amount of ashes blown into glass or painted into an oil painting!
5. Variety for family & friends – While keepsake urns are often smaller versions of the larger urn, this certainly isn’t a requirement. It’s not uncommon for families to choose many keepsake urns. Surviving friends and family members may choose an urn they feel reflects the way the loved one touched their life.

No matter what type of urn you choose, there are certain things that every urn should fulfill, including the comfort of choosing a keepsake urn on your own timeline. Be sure to explore your options to find the urn that best celebrates the life of your loved one.