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Compare Silk Flowers to Live Flowers

Compare Silk Flowers to Live Flowers

Compare silk flowers to live flowers – do you not know if you should get fake flowers or real flowers for home decorations? Your dilemma is probably that fake flowers are cheaper and last longer, require no maintenance in comparison to real flowers that need daily watering, and of course, you have to keep buying them as they fade! This article will explain to you the pros of fake vs real and help you make a decision that gives you better peace of mind.

compare silk flowers to live flowers
Compare Silk Flowers to Live Flowers

Advantages of Silk Flowers

The best fake flowers in the market today are the ones made of silk, and they almost look and feel like real flowers. These are usually used for weddings. They can also be scented to smell like real flowers

Pros of silk flowers:

*They are not as delicate as real flowers. They won’t wilt in the summer heat or freeze in the winter cold.

*You don’t have to worry about whether the flowers are in season or not.

*You can keep them, and they will look the same for years to come.

Advantages of Fresh Flowers

Some may feel that silk flowers say, no matter how good they look, are tacky, and they would not want guests to know that their flowers are fake. That may have been the situation some years ago but with the improvement in materials not just silk and manufacturing process, that is not the situation now. You often have to get really close to a faux flower arrangement to tell the difference.

Cost is a big factor in say realistic silk roses, a wedding where you would almost certainly be saving a large amount of money using faux flowers.

So why are we obsessed with real flowers? And what really cuts the difference between them and fake flowers? Consider this:

Note – a live flower is among a handful of plants that produces chemicals with the exact key required to effect the brain (positively).

Have you ever wondered why when flowers are presented to women it almost never fails to elicit a true smile?

1. Most women who received flowers reported more positive moods 3 days later.

2. Flowers gifted to women or men in a lift gained the strongest positive social reaction.

3. Flowers presented to older participants (55+ age) elicited positive mood reports and improved episodic memory.

In studies, they found that flowers have an immediate and a long term effect on mood, social behavior, emotional reactions and even memory! Yes, that’s true! Flowers help your memory for both males and females. Alternatively if you, your family and guests have problems with allergies, the last thing you want is live flowers.

In conclusion, both have positives but if you are looking for flowers that are beautiful, are cheaper that the alternative, non-allergenic and long-lasting, silk flower arrangements are the winners.