Cemetery Flowers Near Me

Cemetery Flowers Near Me

Cemetery Flowers near me come through businesses like Silky flower Store and others on line. Just check for freight charges.

This is the time when words desert us, we ring to order or go online then someone says ‘and what would you like on the card?’ and we come to a grinding, swift halt. This is a difficult thing even if we have given it lots of thought and sometimes we just can’t do it, we can’t think of any words that will help or make a difference.

Actually nothing much will help, if someone dies the situation is as bad as it can be for the family or friends. You can’t make it worse and nor really can you make it much better. The thing you can do – is to do something, not to be afraid of doing it wrong, just do it.

Ask for help from the person on the end of the phone, look up some ideas online of what might be suitable to say or read on below for a list of ideas.

memorial flower wreaths
Memorial Flower Wreaths

It doesn’t have to be a long message, but it has to be heartfelt and to reflect what you would say if you were actually there, your character and caring should come through. Perhaps you can write your thoughts down before making any order at all.

Consider the colors of the funeral flower wreaths too, ask for what you want and if you don’t know, then I suggest you keep off multicoloured mixes, also steer clear of all-white bouquets, something in the middle like pinks and lilac with cream or ask for some green tones with lilac.

So what to write on the card, here are some ideas you might like to use or adapt –

To open the message:-

* Dearest J, we are so sorry

* We were so very sorry to hear

* We are so sorry for your loss

* Such sad news

Then the middle of the message:

Put forward something positive and nice:

* D was such a lovely person

* We have really lovely memories of him when

* He was so kind to us when

* A true friend lost

Then the close of your message:

* We send you our love and thoughts

* Thinking of you today Ann

* How we will all miss him

* Love and hugs at this very sad time

* Words fail,

Any of those words will bring comfort so use them as you feel right.

But what should you never say? This is just as important probably more so:-

Time is a great healer – look forward not back now – he wouldn’t want you to be sad – you are strong and will get over this – if you want any help just ask (they won’t ask, you just need to get and do it)

Other tips:

Whatever you do, do something from your heart – you won’t be wrong.

Pre-Arranging a Funeral

You plan for the purchase of a house or car. You plan your life. But are you planning what for many can be the third or fourth major purchase in your life? Many of you are not. But a pre arranged funeral can have an impact on so many lives that it’s importance should be considered.

I know that planning for the future can bring about many mixed feelings. And though it’s great to focus on the good things in life, there are things that you would rather not think about. A funeral is one of those things. You may not have considered a pre arranged funeral, but there are several reasons why it can bring great peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Bereavement is an emotionally upsetting time and often includes many financial burdens that your loved ones will be faced with. One of those possible burdens is paying for a funeral. And with the lack of clear thinking due to sleep deprivation and emotional stress, they are likely to overspend in making funeral arrangements during this time.

Of course, with the price of funerals doubling every 10 to 15 years, there is no idea of how much the cost will be when the need for your funeral arises. And with current costs averaging $6500, can you imagine what it will be if you live to 70 or 80 years of age?

A pre arranged funeral plan is one way to ensure that the services of your selected funeral director will be available and that there will be no further expense for your loved ones when it comes to paying for these services.

Bereaved family members will usually arrange a funeral and are likely to be unsure what was actually desired by you. During their time of sadness, they want to do something and feel that they should provide the best for their recently deceased family member. However, this time of emotional distress is normally not a good time to make important decisions. If the decisions made are not correct, they cannot be correct at a later time. Preparing in advance for your funeral will go a long ways to alleviating the emotional and financial burdens that naturally accompany bereavement. And those family members left behind will remember your thoughtfulness.

You will also find that there is some satisfaction you’ll feel by having your affairs in order. You’ll also be able to reflect in having made the most appropriate arrangements you would want for yourself. You will also not have to worry about whether or not your final wishes are going to be carried out as you have made them known and made the preparation in advance. It’s important for you to understand that any wishes set out in your will or other documents may not even be known until well after your funeral, thus they may not be followed. However, if you have a pre arranged funeral plan that has been prepaid with a funeral home, then your wishes are established in a guarantee certificate.

With your pre arranged funeral, you can:

  • Decide on the services and arrangement that you want
  • Select a method of payment that will match your needs
  • Determine who will benefit under your plan
  • Ensure that there are no extra fees or charges

As you can see, a pre arranged funeral relieves plenty of stress from your loved ones and provides you with the comfort in knowing that your wishes will be followed and that your loved ones won’t have to worry about making the wrong decisions, or spending too much when they are under great emotional distress.