Cemetery Flower Holders

Cemetery Flower Holders

There are lots of different types of cemetery flower holders. We can start off with the spray saddle usually used for artificial flowers and is made up of arms that attach to a headstone. and a spray or wreath are fitted into it. Next, come vases. They also come in several types like small square ones with holes at the top to push the flower stems thru. Very popular are spiked funeral flower holders which can be bought with arrangements or by themselves.

Funeral Pre-Planning

I have never met a writer who did not want to tell the ending of his story? I have never met a composer who deliberately left his symphony unfinished. However, I have met people who live their best lives and create a legacy, only to allow someone else to conclude their story. Isn’t it like an unfinished symphony or incomplete book? How can someone else justly summarize your efforts, feelings, and message better than you? They can’t.

Funeral Pre-planning is one of the most overlooked opportunities in life. Many people choose not to think of their funeral because they feel, in some way, it will expedite their demise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pre-planning does not mean you intend or want to pass tomorrow, it means you would like to give the final message when the time comes. It means you care enough about those left with the responsibility of your remains to give them a clear idea of your desires. It means you care enough about the life you are living, and those you are touching to say goodbye in your own words, style and voice.

Pre-planning a funeral does not have to be an exercise in morbidity. When you planned your wedding, your graduation party, or your 40th birthday party, you took the time because you thought it was important to do it your way. Your fingerprints were everywhere and all your guests could see it was your celebration. Why not take that same enthusiasm in planning your funeral or memorial service?

The way people honor legacy is changing. It is no longer a time of mourning, but a time to celebrate a life well lived and the lives touched. Thinking about what you would like to say, or how you would like to say it when you are not there to personally deliver the message can be a stepping stone to creating a more meaningful life today. What do you love to do? What is your favorite color? What one thing in your mind stands out as your crowning achievement? All these things and so much more could go into your funeral plan in a clear, well-organized way. But only you can truly do that work. Do not forget a cemetery wreath.

gravesite wreaths
Gravesite Wreaths

The first two things to consider when pre-planning your funeral service:

1) Who am I?

2) What do I want to say?

Once you have the answers to those questions, begin building your plan. Begin living up to your self expectations so when the time comes to deliver your finale, it will be in line with what you know and strive to be true for you. It’s your funeral, you should plan it.