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Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers

Silk Wedding Petals, artificial wedding flowers – another multi use option – from being scattered by flower girl, being spread over the happy couples bed to even used as confetti.

Silk Flower Heads for Weddings – Artificial Flower Heads

Silk flower heads have a huge range of uses. Starting with weddings, they are often used as accessories for brides – specifically as a floral crown as a substitute for a veil (or could be used with it). Other uses (here comes a big list!) are for embellishing clips, hats, headband, cards, clothes, hats, scrapbook pages, bows, photo albums, craft projects, and parties.

You will find here a full range of colors – from blue, pink, white red and more. Of the flower types you will see favorites such as silk roses, silk phalaenopsis orchids, silk daisies, silk sunflowers, silk peonies, silk hydrangea, silk carnations, and artificial gerbera just to name a few.

artificial wedding flowers

We are sure you will find something here for your special day – only needs a bit of thought and imagination.

Silk Wedding Corsage – (Artificial Corsages)

A silk wedding corsage is simply a small bouquet of flowers worn on the wrist or dress at weddings, home comings proms and similar events. The tradition goes way back to Ancient Greece – then for the practical purpose for warding of spirits! The word is originally French meaning a bouquet of the bodice. The main flowers used are roses (of course), orchids, carnations and calla lilies.

Although there are no hard and fast rules, younger people tend to wear them on the wrist, others wear on the shoulder of the dress. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes dependent on the event and the wearer and the number and size of the flowers used. You will even be able to find them with beading, succulents, with ribbons.

Silk Wedding Petals

artificial flower petals

Silk wedding petals are used for a range of purposes including flower girls scattering in the church aisles, over beds, on tables at receptions.

Some like to spread over the wedding bed (very romantic), often used as a replacement for confetti at weddings and indeed other celebrations. Flower girls can scatter over the aisle runners and virtually indistinguishable from the real thing (other than not going “off” before the ceremony, not causing problems with people with allergies and usually more cost effective!) and even scatter on the reception tables.

The range of colors goes from red to white with all shades and colors in between using usually roses (of course) but also lace and even burlap (very popular at the moment with artificial wedding flowers).

Orchid Wedding Flowers

One of the most significant decorative aspects of a wedding are the wedding flowers. Not only do they impart visual sparkle to that exceptional day but they also contribute true elegance and affirmation about how special the to be wedded couple is. And for this reason it is actually hard to neglect orchids. Orchids have stood the test of time as a flower specifically suitable for weddings.

It is probably the most popular wedding flower, it has flourished and increased in popularity over the years. Of course this is only to be expected of this most sensational and refined family of plants. The orchid’s structure is delicate, intricate and luxurious. Even a single orchid flower looks marvelous. Imagine the exceptional beauty of a selection of these flowers and their delightful colors complementing your wedding. Wedding event orchids make your day even more unforgettable and your wedding will be remembered by all guests as most elegantly decorated due to the orchids’ hues, shapes and fragrance.

One reason why orchids have attained such favor as wedding day blossom is because they conserve their fresh look for a long time without having to add water. This is particularly significant if your wedding takes place in an air-conditioned environment or during hot dry weather. One of the most popular wedding orchids is the Cymbidium orchid. You will enjoy the abundant blooms, which come in shades of pink, white, yellow and light green. Their flower petals are full-bodied and bendable, they are very resistant to drying out.

Orchid can be used in many ways, such as in a bouquet, as a cut flower or floated in a crystal bowl. Even though they appear delicate and fragile, they do not droop easily. As marriage ceremony orchids, they can withstand some handling and they keep their fresh lively look well. As Cymbidiums are available in many different colors it is easy to find the right color to accompany your chosen wedding outfit and that of the brides maids.

Give your creativity a boost by contemplating how you can incorporate these elegant long lasting orchid flowers or even the whole orchid plants when planning your wedding, especially if you are interested in making your wedding day a gracious and classy occasion. Marriage ceremony orchids establish an instant impression of joy and reverence possibly more so than any other type of flowers. By creatively blending the orchids’ beauty of color, shape and aroma your wedding will have a genuinely exceptional touch.

Another very popular orchid that is commonly used for weddings is the Dendrobium orchid. Available in white and purple, the delicate Dendrobium flowers make splendid garlands and table decorations. Purple Vanda orchids are also known as an option for wedding events. The allure of wedding ceremony orchids will bring unforgettable enchantment to the occasion. And then there is the Phalaenopsis orchid which is a good choice for the bouquets used in the wedding ceremony.

An additional idea is to include roses and lilies together with orchids in the flower decorations as they can look very attractive together in the arrangements. Plus in the orchid decorations you can also add greenery, crystals, lace, rhinestones, and branches. Whatever your wedding ideas might be, orchids will easily accommodate the special effects that you are looking for and life up to your expectations of the most beautiful of all your wedding blossoms.

Even after your wedding event your wedding orchids can live on for up to two to three weeks. The combination of orchids and weddings is an instinctive match. The beauty and enchantment of both the bride and the orchids are an invincible combination for an everlasting cherished marriage ceremony memory.

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If the choice of blossoms is in accordance with the vicinity, it boosts the setting by refurbishing it. The aisle, the wedding hall, as well as the bride’s gown, must all be decorated with the flowers. They give a tone to the wedding and turn it into a valued occasion for all the guests. The flowers in the bouquet are made of various vibrant colours like gold, orange, cobalt blue, hot pink, purple, and red which will cheer up the whole wedding atmosphere. If you want to save your wedding flowers forever, there’s always an option of going in for artificial handcrafted flowers. They remain fresh and are not at all troubled by geographical changes. They never fade or die off but will constantly remain fresh just as an auspicious memory of your wedding. Paper flowers and silk flowers are generally used.

The good thing is even after the marriage and reception these blooms still decorate the interiors of your room. The White Calla Lily with Pearl & Dahlia Nosegay Bouquet is equally beautiful magnum opuses which are elaborate with silk flowers and wrapped with White Satin Ribbon. This silk and satin combination creates an invigorating appeal. These bouquets could be changed based on the prerequisites of the environment. They’re not only utilized in weddings, but also used for sprucing up the inside of your house on a number of other special functions.

The White Peony bouquet is really comprised of organic stems together with silk flowers that are generally used for wedding purposes only. The White Rose & lily of the valley Bridal Nosegay Bouquet is really a hand crafted bouquet made up of roses of silk and natural lilies. The Six Shooter Charms having a brass lacquer gives off a personal feeling by having favours like garters, invitations and place cards. The Pastel lilies, Hydrangea, Sweet pea wedding bouquet are exclusively designed for wedding purposes only.

Silk Bridal Bouquets are very affordable. If you need to decrease your expenses, or you’re not content with any florist, but instead want to use your personal colour mixture with your own concocted design then you may often make your personal bouquet. You just need to stick to the tips below, and ultimately in no less time you yourself can turn out to be your own florist. To begin with there are various websites about flower arrangements which direct you throughout the process. Now first find a flower in which you’re interested, do not forget to validate the season of the flower. Else if you pick an out of season flower, it can be slightly costly. To decrease your expenses try and obtain blooms from any nearby florist or garden in order to avoid transportation fees.

Now the primary head ache is to keep them fresh right up until the moment of wedding. So you should be fully updated as to how to treat them to have them fresh. Now learn how to make use of various equipment required in order to make a bouquet of your own choice. The last phase is to purchase specific accents such as satin ribbon, pearls, or cord so as to adorn your bouquet. Hence now your bouquet is ready which you’ll proudly say to be your personal productive work. They are inexpensive as well as in accordance to your own whims and fancies.