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Artificial Roses

Artificial Roses | Silk Rose Arrangement

The first real downside of live roses is that they wilt, so why not try artificial roses? They start off being a very beautiful arrangement in a lovely flower holder then after a while they start to droop. There are some short term workarounds, but all require quite a bit of work.

artificial roses

Buying live flowers is not a cheap exercise – for something that does not last very long. So after spending all that money you end up with wilting flowers that drops petals and need lots of maintenance. The obvious way around this is getting quality silk rose flowers. The range is huge – colors, shapes, sizes and styles, and you never have to worry about what season it is. Not just the standard dozen stems – almost anything that you can imagine at a cost that will please.

With the silk flower arrangements you do not even have to be creative – hundreds upon hundreds of silk rose arrangements to choose from.

It should be noted that there is a strong trend to use artificial flower arrangements at weddings. Roses are still the go-to flower but now using the silk variety. Naturally they last a long time which means you can have the flowers all set up and ready to go days before the event – lots less stress! Also, they these days look super realistic. If the artificial flowers are cared for they will last for many years and even if not, a couple of years!

Over that period you can use them to decorate your home in all sort of configurations and placings. The artificial roses can be mixed in with other silk flowers and used in say garlands, centerpieces, to single stems. The places they can be used is also wide, from on the dining table to a sideboard to on a mantelpiece.

A couple of tips – always check from different angles in the room how the flowers look, and you can always use a non-allergenic perfume to give that final touch.

Now lets think about colors. When you have silk flowers you have them for a long time, so it pays to spend a little time thinking about what colors to get. Does that color express what you want it to when they are elegantly on display.

Red Silk Roses

These tend to thought of as the classic and how we think of a rose. Think of a single stem, big bouquet or a bush any bought for a special moment – we think red. They tend to hold strong emotions – like love. There are many other such as congratulations or even appreciation.

White Silk Roses

These bring up thoughts of innocence as well as purity. A favorite at weddings they can be displayed by themselves and some even mix in with live flowers (not quite sure why, but some do). It can be used in all sorts of arrangements, and they provide a great memory for that event. In the home – well that look of spotlessness and love.

Orange Silk Flowers

These faux flowers express desire and passion – strong emotions. If you would like to get to know a person really strongly, these are the flowers! However, an arrangement of these flowers can mean other things – for example a simple well done.

Pink Silk Flowers

Generally there are considered to be two types of pink – dark pink and light pink. The dark pink represents appreciation and gratitude. Or in summary – thanks. The lighter version represents quite a wide range including love, support and gentleness. Note there is also a peach that is thought of a sort of pink which represents modesty.

Yellow Silk Flowers

These represent a joyousness but without amorous love. These are great for a mother that has just had a baby or to say people who have just married. It can also be sent to people who are feeling down. Maybe for someone who has just got their degree. So happy and bright emotions.

Silk Lavender Flowers

These are somewhat unusual and gives out a message of something that is different. It is sometimes used to express the fact you have fallen in love with them. Hopefully not too subtle!

So go for the color that expresses the meaning you want to express. Small or large, type of arrangement – all good fun deciding.

faux flower a

Some uses of silk roses – how about in a vine of flowers – beautiful. You can use in your off ice or of course your home. A quick note please do not put in strong sunlight otherwise will quickly lose their colors. If you want something for outside, search for the word UV. Brides or bridesmaid bouquets at a wedding. A bouquet can also be used at a party or simply say in a vase in your home. Silk rose heads can also be used at a wedding and how about as a nosegay which could be put in say a bubble vase. They are adorable and can have a lovely old-fashioned look.

Lastly how about as part of a boutonniere? Anyway these artificial roses have a huge range of uses as well as colors and styles all from Silky Flower Store.