Artificial Flower Decoration

Artificial Flower Decoration

The house looks beautiful when it is clean and well decorated, now think about artificial flower decoration. These both are the epitome of beauty. Due to the open market and availability of maximum resources, decoration is not merely the concept of hanging pictures or keeping flowers. It is beyond this. The variations in the decoration items touch the sky. There is the huge variety of things which are available in the market for this purpose. But one thing which cannot go out of fashion or trend and that is flowers. Flowers, of any kind, always leave the remarkable impression on the looker and give the extra tinge to your home. They are so much in demand because of their variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This has made them the most sought after item in the league of decoration items.

The most common and accessible variety in flowers for decoration is artificial flowers. These are the flowers which are on the same lines of the real flower, but they are not natural. They are made – sometimes man made or sometime machine made. They are the artificial flowers with the variety of color and durable. These flowers are made up of plastic, silt, paper etc.

They can be used anywhere, it is not necessary that they are required to use for the decoration at the house. These flowers are used for the decoration in the parties and functions like wedding, anniversary or birthday. They are the beautiful as well as durable item of decoration.

One of the very creative uses of silk flowers is for the beautification of the bride. These days instead of using the real flowers, brides prefer to use silk flower in their hair. This will give them the color of the flower according to the contrast or similar to the dress. And the most important they aren’t fragile like the real flowers.

Artificial flower decoration can be used as you want. They are the durable, not very expensive, available easily. They are not merely the item of decoration but also one of the famous accessories. You can use it at any place of your whim and fancies. Using an artificial flower from Silky Flower Store is the better alternative for the environment also.

Cleaning Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are bought specifically because they are low on maintenance. They do not need the daily care of fertilizers, water and a dose of “just the right amount” of sunlight their real counterparts need. However, silk flowers still need a little of attention once in a while when they become dusty and look dull or lack luster. There are various methods used in cleaning dusty flowers. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no technique that works with each kind or every type of dust. A few of these methods are noted below:

The Dry Technique: This method involves a simple blow-drying or feather dusting to remove most of the light dust that accumulates over the silk. Hair dryers set to a low speed can also be used in this method as the uniform stream of air blows away most, if not all, of the dust particles. Vacuuming the dust away also helps, but is not recommended as the suction of most vacuums might disfigure the silk flower permanently. It does not work very well with stagnated dust that has accrued in tiny crevices that cannot be easily blown or dusted away.

The Wet Technique: This practice involves, in its most basic sense, the use of a damp cloth to wipe away dust from the silk flowers. The cloth must be lint-free and soft to not harm the silk flower in any way. Gentle strokes must be applied along the flower’s length and breadth while avoiding the use of excessive pressure. Indoor silk flowers must not be exposed to too much water since they are not capable of enduring too much dampness. This method does not work well with dirt collected in hard-to-reach areas, and usually worsens the problem as the water from the cloth makes the dust adhere to the flower. Thus, this method must be used very carefully and usually after the dry technique.

Chemical Treatment: Special chemical sprays are available from many silk flower wholesalers that have a few special ingredients that dissolve the dust on a silk flower immediately after spraying. These chemical sprays work best with the stubborn dust particles that refuse to be dusted or wiped away, leaving the silk flower arrangement looking new and fresh. Another alternative is to dissolve mild detergent in warm water and spray it on the silk flower. After a few minutes, remove as much water as possible and leave the flower to dry. This method is to be used sparingly as even the mildest of detergents may harm the silk flower if used frequently. Window cleaner with ammonia may also be used in a well ventilated area. With any of these treatments, it is advisable to try a little sample first.

Thus we see that only with a combination of existing techniques as well as a little of “safe” experimenting can one clean silk flowers effectively.