Artificial Flower Bouquet

Artificial Flower Bouquet

A number of ‘to-be-weds’ are gradually taking the silk route when their wedding decor and the artificial flower bouquet is concerned. The cost of real flowers, non-availability of non-seasonal flowers, difficult transportation to far away venues and several similar practical problems with the real flowers has steered popularity towards silk flowers.

Silk flowers and silk bridal bouquets are inexpensive and available throughout the year.

Additionally, some silk flowers come in colors that the real flowers do not come in, hence always be assured you will find a way to match your flower arrangements and bouquets with the overall decor of the wedding theme. Holding wedding and reception at separate venues? Well, you could use the same flowers at both the events! You cannot even begin imagining the amount of money you will save here! And once the ceremonies are over, you can take home the silk bridal bouquet as a keepsake or an elaborate one as an heirloom to be passed down to generations. And if this was less to entice you, how about giving away bunches of flowers used in arrangements as wedding favors? Your family and friends are sure to appreciate these beautiful life -like flowers!

Silk bridal bouquets and flower arrangements will never wilt or droop in the heat making stunning partners in every wedding photograph, and you could carry the extra ones home to add them in vases! Now we know why more and more people are choosing cheap silk bridal bouquets over real flowers. Silk flowers come in a variety of quality and pricing choices. You could opt for elaborate bridal bouquets done in the best of quality or could suit your budget with a simple style and a little lesser grade of silk. All kinds of budgets and styles can be satisfied easily with the use of silk in bridal bouquets.

The bridal bouquet not only accentuates your dress for the day, it also reflects your happiness and beauty on your big day. With all eyes on you while you walk down the aisle, the silk bridal bouquet enhances your looks and compliments your style. And it is the most featured in all your wedding photographs! It is a big decision when you have to choose your bridal bouquet and when you select a silk bridal bouquet a number of problems one could face with the real flowers are eliminated. Besides the cost and availability, you or a family member or friend could be allergic to flowers and pollen! The problem is again easily solved by using silk flowers in your bridal bouquet and flower arrangements at the wedding.

It is such a relief to know that when working with silk flowers, most florists and designers are able to email to you the photographs of the completed silk bridal bouquet for approval, or just go online at Silky Flower Store. You know exactly what you will be walking around with beforehand! Since silk flowers are less fragile and easier to work with than real flowers, you could even make your own silk bridal bouquet at home with some starting material and some creativity!

Silky Flower Store is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and resources you’ll need to take the pinch out of your pocket book and the worry from your mind when choosing your wedding flowers. Take it from me, I’ve been down the road of fresh flowers at my wedding. After helping friends put together beautiful arrangements using inexpensive silk flowers, there’s no doubt, the only way to go is silk. Check out the informative posts, and go through the merchant pages as well to get a better idea what you could be doing for your wedding. I hope you find the perfect arranges for your special day!

Why do we Have Silk Bridal Bouquets?

In Victorian times people used to convey messages to each other by hiding them within the bouquet. Different blossoms symbolized several connotations like Red roses represented love, Freesia represented trust and a Fern symbolizes truthfulness.

Wedding is an important event and various preparations from budget planning, shopping, selection of proper gown and accents, to the sending out of invitation cards. Then all the settings must be in compliance with the theme of the venue, most importantly the bridal bouquet since it is an essential and curiosity seeking property of the bride. Bouquets can be found in numerous shapes and styles. You will find six different kinds of shapes that contain Round, Crescent, Pageant, Loose, Cascade and Heart shaped. French style, the Arm Bouquet, Free Form Bouquet, Pave Arrangement type, Pomander type and the Tear Shape Cascade are some common styles of bouquet arrangement.

At first handcrafted bouquets were chosen together with strong smelling herbs in order to shoo away the evil spirits. But nowadays, flowers along with sequins, tinsels, sparkly flecks, glitters, laces and at times diamond and pearls are used. Basically silk and satin are used to build out pretty and captivating petals. If you have a white wedding gown along with a tiara, pastel colored flowers also serves as an accessory to the bride. Generally the flowers can be white-royal blue, white-satin peach or additionally a bouquet of crimson red paper. The bouquet can be refurbished with certain embroidery in order to give it a classical touch. The contents of the bouquet are eco-friendly keeping at heart the thoughts of the bride.

These silk bridal bouquets come in convenient and relaxed easy-toss holders and holders that are very easy to use. Hand tied ones, ribbons; satin holders and lace ones include the various types of bouquets offered along with wrappings and holders. The style and design of the bouquet is decided according to the bride’s dress and theme of the location. If your bridal dress is cream and the bride’s maid gown is red then you might opt for a mixture for flowers of both red and cream color ideally roses and lilies.

If the dress is of traditional and classical style, then go for a basic bouquet because the allure of the dress will be noticeable all the more. But for modern and simple dresses, usually fancy and gaudy bouquets are favored since they compliment the dress in a better and more respectable manner. Once you have an image of precisely what type of bouquet you would like, the blossoms, their color, material, and different accents you can simply get in touch with a florist like the Silky Flower Store or you might opt for making them by your own self.