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Artificial Flower Arrangements Ideas

Artificial Flower Arrangements Ideas

Artificial Flower Arrangements Ideas – if you are looking for high quality artificial flowers in arrangement designs that are stunningly beautiful and captivating, we are the company for you.

At SilkyFlowerStore, we offer world-market inspired arrangements of silk flowers that look natural. Natural complexions and textures are what you can expect from the arrangement designs that are available for purchase.

No matter what type of existing decor you need to match, we have arrangement designs that will perfectly blend in.

Artificial flowers are the new design and decor trend, and it is time for you to learn why the Silky Flower Store is the only provider you should turn to for all of your artificial flower needs.

What Are Artificial Flowers?

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Flowers are gorgeous and often the focal point of any table arrangement or decorating theme. Flowers come in a variety of types, but no matter what type of real flower you choose it will eventually die and requires continuous care.

Due to the amount of attention that real flowers require and the short lifespan that they offer, artificial flowers are often the preferred alternative to fresh flowers.

We sell a wide selection of silk flowers that look natural, but do not require the care that fresh flowers demand. Fresh flowers are not only more expensive, but they also require maintenance and do not offer longevity that our silk flower arrangements provide.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to choosing silk flowers over fresh flowers:

You do not have to worry about watering silk flowers.
Silk flowers can look stunning and thrive in the sun or shade.
Even if the temperatures outside fall below 20 degrees, your silk flowers will still look beautiful.
Our silk flowers are botanically accurate, which means they look real even though they are not.
You don’t have to worry about allergies or hay-fever.
There is no fabric staining pollen to concern yourself with.
Silk flowers are always in season no matter what type you desire.
You can keep silk flowers forever, which makes for a perfect wedding keepsake or gift.

No matter how you look at it, silk flowers are the preferred alternative to fresh flowers, because they offer a wide array of benefits that make them more affordable, convenient and just as naturally stunning as fresh flowers.

All Silk Flower Arrangements Are Expertly Designed

Now that you know exactly why silk flowers are the ideal choice for you, it is time to learn more about what we offer at the Silk Flower Store. We offer experience and expertise at its highest level.

Our handcrafted arrangements are designed to be botanically correct and not only incorporate the latest in professional materials, but also high amounts of creativity. As a Silk Flower Store customer, you get the best value and an amazing floral design that lasts.

Here are some of the most popular silk flowers that we provide:

Seasonal Summer Silk Arrangements

Summer flowers are known for being bright and bold. Our summer silk flower arrangements are arranged in a variety of designs that are captivating and include the trendiest summer flowers. Our arrangements have a fresh from the garden appeal, but the best part is that you can display them year round. If you want to go bold and bright this summer, our summer silk flower arrangements are a must-have item for your home or event.

artificial orchids

Silk Orchids

Orchids are one of the most visually stunning flowers in existence. If you want to bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the orchid to your home, we offer a wide selection of silk orchid arrangements that will stun and excite. Silk orchids can be the perfect design for any home, office or event.

Not only can these arrangements make the perfect decor addition, but they are also a great gift for family and friends alike. Our wide collection of silk orchids will have many designs that you find appealing.

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If you are in the market for silk flower arrangements, we are the company that you should choose. With experience and a reputation for being a leader in the industry, we have the high quality silk flowers that you desire. You can start with silk rose arrangements.

Wedding Bouquets and Garter Toss

The bouquet toss is a tried and true wedding ritual: the single ladies assemble, the bride turns her back to the crowd, and throws her bridal bouquet over her shoulder. The garter toss is somewhat similar, only it involves the groom removing a fancy garter from the bride’s leg before throwing it towards a waiting group of men. For a look at these customs, and how to include them in your wedding in a tasteful manner, read this article.

Most people will agree: the tossing of the bride’s bouquet is a sweet custom, and one worthy of including in a wedding. Of course the symbolism behind the tradition is that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married. For this reason, only single young ladies should gather when the announcement is made that it is time to toss the bouquet. No matter how long the bride’s parents may have been divorced, there is something unseemly about the mother of the bride fighting for the bouquet!

Many brides have very special bouquets which they want to keep preserving. This is especially true now that bouquets are often made with the addition of crystal or pearl accents to coordinate with the bridal jewelry; they are simply too costly to give away! If you want to hang on to your bridal bouquet, you can still include the traditional bouquet toss in your wedding. The solution is to have a separate bouquet created especially for this purpose. The florist will make an arrangement which is similar to the flowers that you carry down the aisle, but it will be smaller and lacking in expensive embellishments. Most brides who opt to order a tossing bouquet and keep their ceremony flowers are very glad that they did so.

Sometimes a bouquet toss can turn into a free-for-all, which is less than ideal. Although it is always more fun for the onlookers if there is a bit of a tussle over the bouquet, the cases where women fight each other down to the ground tearing the bouquet apart is simply undignified, and does nothing to enhance the elegance of the wedding. If you know that your guests are likely to be intoxicated and rowdy by the end of your reception, you may wish to move the bouquet toss to an earlier time in the evening. It is customary for the bride to toss her bouquet right before the newlyweds make their grand exit, but by all means do it at another pivotal point in the evening, such as after the couple’s first dance or around the time of the cake cutting.

As for the garter toss, it is of more questionable taste than the bouquet toss. This is because it involves the groom going under the bride’s dress to remove the garter before he throws it. Yet many couples do consider the garter ritual to be the other half of the bouquet toss, and so really want to include it. There are a few tips for keeping it dignified and unoffensive for witnesses (especially your grandmother!). First, the bride should wear the garter just above her knee, not way up high on her thigh. The groom should also be brief while he is seeking the garter and not make a show of rooting around under the bridal gown for a long period of time. No one needs a preview of the wedding night!

Just like the bouquet, many brides like to have a second, less precious garter for throwing. In many cases, the garter will be made from special lace or beautiful silk and embellished with crystals or pearls to match the bridal jewelry. Since such a special garter is going to be a keepsake item, the bride can keep that one and have a less fancy one for tossing. If she wants to be really tasteful about it, she can discreetly slip the tossing garter to the groom, to avoid the under-the-skirt spectacle. Last but not least, in some circles it is believed that the man who catches the garter should put it on the thigh of the woman who nabbed the bouquet, but this is never in good taste! When it comes to the garter toss, the best plan is to have fun, but keep it G-rated.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Decoration is an essential part of every wedding event. It sets the scene and creates the mood for everyone. It is the means through which many guests associate with the event and make a meaning out of it. There are many decoration options when it comes to weddings. A bouquet is one of them.

The bouquet for the bride must be elegant, classy and flamboyant. It must complement the dress and not be seen an add-on. It is the key adornment many guests would be looking at on the day.

How do you get the bouquet that will get everybody looking as soon as you step into the hall? The bride must hold the bouquet in an acceptable way only. There are many websites that explain to newlyweds how this should be done. The kind of bouquet been held must also determine how they will be held.

Every gown type has its own bouquet. No one bouquet can be used for several dresses. You must know the type of dress you are buying before you decide on the bouquet.

The color of the bouquet must match your wedding theme and dress. Some colors match some dress types and kinds of weddings. You must also consider the season and the meaning of colors in traditional sense before you hold the bouquet down the aisle.

Bouquets come in many shapes. There is the round or crescent type. Each has its meaning and can be advised by the fashion designer or the bridal consultant.

It has been suggested that bouquets be held in such a way that they do not obstruct the full view of your dress. You can decide which part of your dress is the most flamboyant and then keep the bouquet away from that position. If you are holding a clutch bouquet which is usually managed with one hand, then this is an exception.