Artificial Cherry Blossoms

Artificial Cherry Blossoms

If you want to enhance your decor. Try putting artificial cherry blossoms with some bigger types of flowers to make a stunning bouquet. You will also find combining silk cherry blossom branches into an arrangement – making sure they are in the same color. With these silk flowers you can really see the advantages over the live varieties – the live varieties only flower for about two weeks – the faux varieties last for years! Combine that with all the colors, shapes, sizes and not having to water them, how can you go wrong with silk flowers like silk peonies.

The cherry blossoms we tend to think of are the Japanese variety Prunus serrulata, although other varieties are found from Western Siberia to Iran to Thailand.

Now some more hopefully helpful ideas for these beautiful faux cherry blossoms that can be useful for brides, event planners, interior designers and others.

Use about 12 cherry blossom branches, put them into a bunch. Get a clear, slim vase with vase fillers like marbles. You can put the vase onto the floor as a focal point, leaving the branches full length.

How about an elegant centerpiece of a peacock feather in with cherry blossoms in a black vase – wonderful contrast.

At a wedding or event, cut off miniature stems from the branches and tuck them into napkin rings on the tables.

You will find lots and lots of ideas you can use with these great artificial cherry blossoms.