Artificial Bouquet Flowers

Artificial Bouquet Flowers

Artificial Bouquet Flowers

Artificial bouquet flowers – avoid these three key mistakes at the wedding.

When making bridal bouquets, fresh cut flowers will always be the sentimental favorite of many brides But these days more and more brides consider silk (imitation) wedding bouquets. With the advancement of technology, the era when silk flowers were considered a second-class viscous substitute for cut flowers is gone. Spend a fact. The best quality raw materials are combined with modern computerized molds and laser technology, and are supported by well-trained and skilled flower practitioners, who are fully managed by modern processes and quality control systems. The flowers are literally dissected, inspected and copied to the last fold and the last color point.

Therefore, silk wedding bouquets display perfect, visually stunning flowers, usually with related aromatic concentrates added, and they are as shocking as the real thing. The appearance of fake bridal bouquets is so realistic that outside observers often have to touch and inspect the flowers themselves to discern any difference between their silk flowers and their cut flower counterparts. Even if it is added to a bunch of new cut flowers, people sometimes cannot find fake silk flowers. Equivalent to wedding flowers. Flowers like hydrangea are typical examples of fresh wedding flowers, sometimes just not available. In addition, except that the seasons are not peak seasons, hydrangea is easy to wither and must be handled very carefully in this regard. With silk hydrangea, fledgling brides dont have to worry about these problems.

wedding bouquets silk
wedding bouquets silk

However, even if fake flowers have obvious advantages, any potential bride should be aware of some dangers. Exist when deciding on silk bouquets. These include:  • Price: The main raw materials of silk flowers are silk, polyester, rayon and cotton. Due to global supply and demand dynamics and annual output requirements, they are used as commodities. From 2009 to mid-2012, the prices of these commodities experienced some disproportionate increases, mainly due to short supply and crude oil prices rising by more than US$100 per barrel.

Any bride should carefully study the cost comparison of silk wedding bouquets compared with cut flower bouquets, because cheap cousins ​​are no longer so cheap, and in some cases, silk flowers are actually more faces. Be careful to plan a wedding entirely around artificial flowers in advance, and realize that this method is very expensive until close to time. • Manufacturing: Yes, theoretically you can make your own artificial flowers instead of buying fake ones. Flowers and decorations, but not advisable. On your special day, your flowers should be vibrant and botanically flawless. Unless you are a graphic artist who is skilled in flower making and uses appropriate equipment and techniques, you should avoid this at all costs method. Your error propensity is unacceptably high.

• Purchasing: When purchasing fake flowers, please purchase them from reputable suppliers in advance. Cheaper does not necessarily mean better, on the contrary, it can be transformed into worse. Avoid using suppliers just because they provide cheaper products.

Search blogs, forums and websites to find out who is the best reference supplier, and buy as early as possible to give yourself time to experiment and make silk bridal bouquets. you want. When shopping, if you can afford it, you can also buy a little more than you need to ensure that you have extra lining silk flowers when you need it. Sometimes suppliers will supply limited quantities, if you try to replenish silk flowers later, this may cause some flowers to be unavailable. Live and become a witness of your special day.

Make your own wedding bouquet silk

Without a well-arranged silk bridal bouquet, the wedding is incomplete. Therefore, many couples just want to have the most exquisite wedding bouquet. Brand-name silk bouquets or silk flowers can be expensive, but you can save money by making your own bouquets. It may sound complicated at first, but in fact, making silk bridal bouquets is not that difficult.

Many people want to participate in wedding planning, but you cant do it yourself. Than use the bridal bouquet to create a beautiful masterpiece. The real beauty of creating your own silk bouquet is that you can mess it up completely and still be able to start over without damaging your beautiful flowers. As long as you like the results of your arrangement, you will know that you did the right thing.

So here are some tips to create a wonderful bouquet that looks like it was arranged by a skilled gardener.

Find a shop that sells silk flowers and buy the flowers you want. But keep in mind that although many brides only like to have white flowers as bouquets, when they are placed on a white wedding dress, they may blend together unnoticeably. If the bride really insists on a white-themed wedding and a white bouquet, just add some colorful leaves or ribbons to get a more dramatic effect. For the filling, use colorful baby breath to accentuate the white flowers. You need a flower stand, there are two options. Sometimes Styrofoam is used for flowers with stronger silk stems, while others use floral foam. Use whatever you like, but remember that you need to organize and rearrange more when trying to design. In this case, polystyrene foam is ideal because it can withstand constant rearrangement. When you rearrange them over and over again, big holes will appear in the floral bubbles. In this case, a drop of glue can be used to lock the valve stem in place. Only do this if you are 100% sure about the location of the flower. When cutting stems, use wire cutters and know that if you use longer stem flowers, you will need more flowers. Starting with a stem of about 3 inches, for a cascading design, the bottom flower should be a few inches long. You can also try the length, so dont be afraid to do it. If you find that the silk wedding bouquets are too long, just cut them a few inches long, if there is any mistake, they are shorter than you want, please re-tie the flower ribbon with the flower ribbon . Finally, of course, when you consider the shape you want, put the flowers on their shelves. At this point, all the main flowers have been arranged neatly, and now all you need is the filling flowers. The filler can be added one piece at a time, so you can slowly but reliably achieve the design and shape you want. Be careful not to let the focal flowers overlap each other. Also pay attention to the side of the silk bouquet, when there is no filling flower around, you may see foam. If there is no filling on the side, you can use lace or other covering to hide the foam. Making your own bridal bouquet has never been easier. Use silk flowers to get the bouquet you really want at a price that fits your budget.

Seasonal Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect flowers for your wedding? Dont forget to take a look at the beautiful silk wedding flowers available now. You can find wedding silk flower experts on the Internet, they can help you design your dream wedding.

Planning a winter wedding during the holidays? How about a cascading bridal bouquet of holly and pine branches mixed with crimson roses and white daughter vines? The beautiful chandelier is decorated with green and silk flowers, and when you exchange vows, your surroundings will become beautiful. The lush tulle bench bow and green and silk poinsettia will bring the finishing touch to the church you will love. Imagine your cute flower girl walking down the aisle, dropping red silk rose petals while walking. A flower girl basket decorated with white velvet will be a perfect accent! Your ring holder can carry a velvet ring box because he is responsible for sending the ring to the front. We cannot forget your bridesmaid and your bridesmaid. Featuring cascading bouquets of white roses and red mini carnations, they look cute with the groomsmen wearing white silk rose corsages and holly flowers. Your boyfriend’s red silk rose buds are surrounded by vines, which perfectly match your bouquet. How about an outdoor wedding in summer? Are silk flowers suitable for weddings? Absolutely! With silk bridal bouquets, you never have to worry about the flowers withering due to the sun! Summer weddings can be casual, with colorful sunflower, gerbera and delphinium bouquets together to form a beautiful hand-held bouquet. For silk flowers, it is almost impossible to say that they are not fresh cut flowers. Your flower girl basket can be a combination of daisies and baby breath, which is a perfect portrayal of innocence. The corsage can be made of gerbera and ivy and raffia or ribbon. This wedding silk flower combination just screams summer, wearing silk flowers, like a song, life is simple. In fact, nothing is easier than having an online silk wedding flower consultant provide you with your dream wedding design advice. You can get rid of the typical autumn wedding colors, instead of burgundy, orange and gold, you can design a wedding centered on blue hydrangea. With a monochrome theme, you can have a completely blue wedding, which is very feasible when ordering silk wedding flower bags. With silk hydrangea holding the bridal bouquet, you can follow the flower girl in the aisle wearing blue hydrangea balm. Even the pillow of the ring bearer can have a hint of blue hydrangea petals. Hydrangea clusters form beautiful corsages and beautiful bouquets. Wearing silk can eliminate concerns about the fragility of these flowers. Of course, spring weddings are usually filled with spring bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. These types of flowers are not always cold-resistant in bouquets, and the strong fragrance of hyacinths can cause allergic reactions in many people. This is why it makes sense to buy silk wedding flower bags for spring ceremonies! All you have to do is take a look at the high-quality silk offered in these silk wedding bouquets, and you will be sure that you cant go wrong with silk!