Artificial Bougainvillea

Artificial Bougainvillea | Bougainvillea Hanging Plant

Home decorating accents are great especially when using silk flowers like artificial bougainvillea. They have unrivalled personality style and a feeling of warmth that you can add to any interior of your home. They come in various styles like artificial bougainvillea sprays that can bring a tranquility to the area you place them. Furthermore, they can enhance any room with little or no work.

artificial bougainvillea

When you want the feel of the outdoors inside a room that is super lively and beautiful. They will stay radiant for a very long time being super realistic and not requiring watering or any other maintenance. Use as an accent that is artful yet simple and fit in most places. You can add to a wall (especially if a garland) window or on a door.

Another favorite is as an in a hanging basket that will add real beauty to your decor. People visiting will notice and appreciate them instantly and feel their charm. They are quite elegant and lively that will add an extra aspect to where you place them. Note if you wish to use outside look out for UV protected.

For those interested the original live version came from areas of Peru to Brazil and have all sorts of names in different colors. Note, unlike the silk flower version the live versions sap can call nasty skin rashes.

As you will know faux flowers are great for decorating your home and in fact helps make your house feel like a home. There are lots of different types of fake floral arrangements so here are some example and types. Different flower types have different meanings and purposes. Some people like to create arrangements from say artificial flower stems (a real art form) and yet others buy completed arrangements already in their glory. Even if you get a made up one there is nothing stopping you combining with other silk flowers you already have or reusing later in different arrangements places and even events.

With any arrangement you need to think about the focal point which are the flowers in the middle of the artificial flowers arrangements, and they are often the brightest colored and biggest ones. So anyone coming into the room will notice them first. Flowers that are often used such as roses, lily flowers and silk hydrangeas. Note you can use in artificial wedding bouquets.

The structure of the arrangement has what some call line flowers which give the design and shape. These can be blossoms that are narrow and tall. Using this method you can build an arrangement that is both vertical and horizontal. These will give you an idea how wide and tall the arrangement is likely to end up. Delphiniums, freesias and gladioli are often used for this purpose.

Filler faux flowers (which are very popular like silk baby’s breath) which give body and color – finishing the arrangements look. These usually have one stem but lots of blossoms.

If you have skills with live flowers, those sills are pretty well the same needed with silk artificial arrangements. Artificial bougainvillea will be great in multiple situations.