Faux Roses

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Faux Roses

Faux Roses | Silk Rose Arrangements

Are you looking for an inexpensive home decor idea, using faux roses? Consider a paper wrapped silk roses bouquet. This throwback to Victorian times is an easy decorating project that can be done in less than an hour and will add an instant touch of color and old world charm to a room. Follow these simple steps for creating your own silk roses bouquet.

faux roses
faux roses


Silk Roses
Secondary Flower
Floral Tape
Paper (Wrapping or Large Scrapbook Sheet)

1. Select your flowers. Silk roses come in many varieties and colors. You can select full open blooms or tight rosebuds. The color choices vary from natural tones to colors designed to specifically match your décor. To create a more pleasing bouquet, select a few smaller flowers as well or use a floral bush that has filler such as baby’s breath in it.

2. Arrange your roses. If you are using a silk bush, cut the flowers away from the bush. Lay the individual stems out on a table and begin placing them in a pleasing bouquet. You want the longer stems on the bottom and the shorter ones on the top. Once you are pleased with the effect, secure your bouquet with floral tape.

3. Fold wrapping paper or a large sheet of scrapbook paper into a triangle. Place your taped bouquet on the paper with the blooms over the wide edge, creating a diaper effect and secure with a small drop of glue. For added appeal, tie a ribbon around the small end of the bouquet.

This easy project creates an instant Victorian arrangement that is unlike most available on the market today and since you are making it yourself, you can make it as unique as you want. This is perfect for mantels and shelves. Now that you know how easy this project can be, why not get started on your own silk roses bouquet today?

If you have a wedding budget and are looking to cut down on some of your floral expenses, consider purchasing silk rose petals in lieu of fresh or freeze dried petals. For indoor use, silk rose petals are recommended, especially for lining the ceremony aisle and for the flower girl toss because these are areas in which the petals will not be closely examined and will not cause the bride to accidentally slip, such as fresh rose petals could.

The costs of silk rose petals can vary considerably, but are recommended especially when needed in large quantities for indoor pathways or bulk table decorations. You should look to purchase silk petals which aren’t too inexpensive. Remember, the cheaper the petals, the more likely they will be thin to the touch and will give off the appearance of fake petals. Choose a silk rose petal which is soft to the touch on one side and silky on the other, it will look more like the real thing. Many silk petal manufacturers make petals of microfiber polyester “peachy” fabric which give off the appearance of almost real petals. You should also keep in mind that real rose petals vary in size and shape, and a good silk petal supplier will offer packs of petals which contain various sizes.

Because silk rose petals are manufactured, they are available in numerous shades usually not found in nature. This is great for the bride who wants to use rose petals but natural roses do not match the color scheme of the wedding. Also available are other silk items such as leaves for fall weddings.

If you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your petals, some companies also offer personalized petals. This is a nice touch which plays on the popular personalization trend. However, these personalized petals can be quite costly due to the intense manual labor involved – each individual petal needs to be heat stamped in your choice of ink color.

Finally, we should discuss purchasing quantities. For tossing (in lieu of bubbles or rice) it is recommended 10 to 20 petals per guest. To decorate your tables, 100 petals should cover one to two tables. For the aisle, for every 100 petals – 1 square foot for dense coverage, 2 square feet for moderate coverage and 3 square feet for light coverage. For flower girl tossing, 100 to 200 petals depending on the length of the aisle, is recommended.

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