Silk Wedding Bouquets

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Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk Wedding Bouquets

Bridal bouquets – the sky’s the limit!

Today, brides are not committed to pick traditional silk wedding bouquets with white flowers only. For today, the sky’s the limit. There are an infinite variety of flowers to choose from and should take into account trends in flowers, and use the imagination to design and build my dream bridal bouquet.

Silk Wedding Bouquets
Silk Wedding Bouquets

Think about it, one of the most important things are the wedding ceremony floral arrangements and of course bridal bouquets, so it is very important to choose the right flowers coincide with the subject of the evening, event design with these flowers reflect the style and personality of the owners of joy.

One of the best ways that you can get ideas for contemporary floral arrangements for weddings is to visit and pay attention to all the flower arrangements. Should give special attention to all those you see in bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces on the table

Is sending flowers is the way a woman’s heart? Must ask, well by Consumer Research The answer is without any shadow of a doubt – Yes! This is a known fact that many women enjoy to deliver flowers, be it for a special occasion or for no apparent reason. In return, men send floral arrangements enjoy a special class women tend to leave a better impression on them.

Spectacular floral arrangements, not just tell a love or grief – they can express any emotion. Indeed, we take delivery of flowers romantic gesture, but they can certainly convey multiple emotions: recognition of parents, close friends, thank yous, etc. But there is no doubt that if you want to conquer the heart of a girl or woman – flower arrangements – can be the answer for you, dear men.

Let’s face facts, wreaths or flowers in general, are not one of the strengths of the males. But with this guide to sending flowers, men everywhere can start using these tips, to select perfect flowers say from Silky Flower Store to send the right message to the wife of their dreams.

Choosing a Perfect Silk Bouquet

Choosing the bridal bouquet is one of the most difficult tasks that many brides have to endeavor. They find themselves so busy looking for the perfect dress, selecting the right venues and organizing the whole event that the flower bouquet is left to the last minute and its importance diminished.

The bouquet is not just an accessory, but the complement that will highlight the beauty of the dress, thus helping the bride to shine on the biggest day of her life. Choosing the right one has to be done with lots of care and thought, always making sure the size, weight, color and flowers are suitable for both the clothing and body shape of the bride.

Bouquets are not necessarily limited to one type of flower in particular. You can choose your favorite flower and mix different colors together adding also smaller blossoms to the bouquet. Some brides look for meaning behind the types of flowers before choosing; red is supposed to represent passionate love, lilies symbolize innocence, orchids are more related to “sublime” feelings and white represents pure love.

It is important that brides choose the flower they really like or prefer beyond the meaning behind them. The most important factor is that she should be comfortable with the chosen bouquet and that it feels right to hold while walking down the aisle before saying “I do”.

Some experts say it is interesting to play around with different colors and find the right one according to the skin tone of the bride. Those who plan to carry a bouquet in any one given color might find this an interesting perspective. Brunette or dark haired brides should choose bright colors such as fuchsia, rich yellow and vibrant orange. Blonde brides with fair skin will be spot on with pastel color bouquets and can add a touch of blue or pink. Auburn haired brides can take it even further and enhance their natural color with bright oranges.

If the bride is wearing a long dress or skirt, the bouquet would look perfect if the flowers fall onto one side while for tighter type of wedding dresses the bouquet should be a bit more flamboyant and asymmetrical. Strapless dresses with skirts should be combined with unstructured free-styled bouquets.

It is important to point out that the personality of the bride should also be taken into account when choosing the perfect bouquet. A shy bride would probably prefer a delicate one while someone who is extrovert might prefer something a bit more modern or different. Classic flowers like lilies, roses and lisianthus are ideal for traditional round bouquets and look good combined with green foliage and smaller flowers. Orchids are perfect for stunning and bold bouquets, and ideal for the confident bride. Women who look for simpler bouquets should go for anthuriums and callas which also look very pretty arranged with foliage.

Choosing the bouquet is a decision that should be considered with plenty of time, good planning and the help of a professional if possible. For a dream marriage and above all, what really matters is that the bride listens to her heart when it comes to choosing the perfect flower bouquet she feels most comfortable and happy with.

The History of The Bridal Bouquet

For many many years, women have been carrying a bouquet of flowers down the aisle with them and thinking nothing more of them but to make sure that it compliments their dress and wedding colors and of course, that it is a beautiful display of unique and organized nature. There is much more to the significance of a bouquet than some may think.

In ancient time, instead of the use of flowers, the bouquet consisted of garlic and fragrant herbs. It was thought that if the garlic and herbs where carried by the bride at her wedding, evil spirits would not be able to interfere with the festivities. In the Celtic tradition, the bride and the groom would wear garland made with ivy, herbs, and strong aromatic spices. It was thought in this culture, that the garlands possessed mystical powers to protect the bride and the groom.

Later on in history, the spices, and herbs were replaced with edible flowers that often consisted of dill. The dill was a plant that was thought to increase desire. The dill would be consumed at the reception of the wedding by the bride, groom, and all the attendants of the reception.

The most recent history of the bridal bouquet is protection. Not from evil spirits but from the wedding party! It was thought that to get or take something from the bride would bring great luck to whom ever consumed it. The bride would often get mobbed. At the end of the ceremony, the bride would often through her bouquet from Silky Flower Store in one direction as she and her groom would getaway in the other direction.

These days, the purpose of the bridal bouquet is cosmetic and used to show the personality of the bide and compliment her wedding ceremony. Thank goodness we no longer have to worry about getting mobbed by all our friends and family.

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