Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Vintage Artificial Peony and Rose

Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Artificial Wedding Bouquets

No doubt as you get closer and closer to your big day you start to think about artificial wedding bouquets – and other types of arrangements (well you would probably not be here otherwise!). The variety of flowers you want is a great starting point then if the bouquet and other flowers are to be silk flowers or real.

Artificial Wedding Bouquets

A little bit of background is that artificial flowers used to be of poor quality, often plastic and certainly not looking realistic. Nowadays that has totally changed – the materials (although silk is still used in the high end flowers) have changed and so have the manufacturing techniques (still a large percentage manually done by the way).

There are lots of reasons to look at faux flowers and here are some of them. Firstly is cost as the silk flower versions tend to be significantly cheaper than the live versions, So you are getting a reduced cost yet no reduction in the look of the flowers. You can of course put together the bouquet yourselves (buying individual silk flowers) rather than made up bouquets. Having a vintage style wedding? Have a look at Vintage Artificial Peony and Rose Bridal Bouquet with Fern Berries and Cornflowers.

In comparison to live flowers the silk flower arrangements require very little looking after such as no watering, no picking up blossoms – just the occasional light dusting. With the live flowers you will probably only get them on the day of the wedding – not great for the nerves! The artificial arrangements such as silk bouquets can be delivered way before the day. So no worry on the day (about that aspect) and you can have them checked out and perfect in lots of time.

Ever thought about keeping the bouquet after the event as a something to remind you of the day – perhaps in a glass cabinet. You could even break it up and give parts to the bridesmaids. Do you or your guests have allergies? well no problem with silk flowers!

Now back to using your favorite flowers – what is they are not available in the season you are in? Well faux flowers are available all thru the year so you can use all your favorites. Matching the flowers to your overall color theme is super easy given the huge range available.

Anyway we hope that helps and are sure you will be able to find what you want here.

How to Make a Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet

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