Faux Wedding Bouquets

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Faux Wedding Bouquets

Faux Wedding Bouquets Can Save you Money

Have you considered using faux wedding bouquets at your happy event? I really is something you should consider. They are now something many brides go with when in the past not so much. They are now a first choice for many – and for many nothing to do with cost.

faux wedding bouquets

Think about the final day – do you really want to have to be worried about watering, spills, flowers fading, being crushed and all the other fun and games of real flowers. If you are arranging the flowers personally – this is super true.

The sort of silk flower bouquet we are talking about here are not rubbishy plastic things but to quality long lasting – frankly really really beautiful artificial flowers.

They look super realistic and for many hard to tell the difference from the live ones. These days quality is always the expectation and them looking as realistic as possible the standard aim. So little or no maintenance to do on the days leading up to and the day itself yet them looking stunning.

Sourcing Silk Bouquet Arrangements

Well it used to be you went to a hobby or craft shop. Some of those shops even taught a little flower arrangement. However the level of quality was often the problem. Well some store front florists do stock faux flower bouquets as well as make up an arrangement for you. Finally and not surprisingly is via the internet – via sites like silkyflowerstore.com. The first advantage that comes to mind is the huge range available. This one along has a range of over 30,000 arrangements, thousands upon thousands being wedding related. You are pretty well bound to find just the fake flower bouquet that suits you.

Then of course come the highly competitive pricing and the bouquets come arranged for you saving work and aggravation. We have been going for years now and work with the top suppliers so problems are super rare and if do occur are sorted very quickly.

Note the quality of the images (often several per bouquet) so you will know just what you are getting and many many bouquets have customer reviews on the product page so you can have even more confidence.

One thought is to buy a small arrangement to see how it all goes and that will add another level of confidence.

So to go over the pluses of faux wedding bouquets a) you can have them sitting ready days before the wedding – one less thing to worry about. Real flowers need to be set up right before the wedding and all the risks that that can bring. Who needs the stress and aggravation. On the day they will be just as stunning as when you got them days before. b) Ever heard of submerged flower arrangements? Naturally this refers to having flowers arranged completely under water.

Well many like and enjoy doing, well silk flowers work just as well as real. Hands are not put on the flowers – just looked at enjoyed. Imagine having as a centerpiece and the savings will be significant. c) Do you or do any of your guests suffer from allergies? Well using fake fake flowers will mean no sneezing, red eyes and all the other problems that arise from allergies. Oh and the insects that like real flowers and can annoy – not invited to your wedding! d) They last and last so you get to keep them as something to remember the day and you can use to beautify your home.

e) If you do not want to keep the whole arrangement how about taking apart and giving away as favors? They will then make their houses prettier and server as another reminder of the event. f) They are tough, things like heat will not be a problem on the day. I.e. They will not wilt. g) Naturally we have to mention cost – they are without doubt significantly cheaper and means toy can use your budget elsewhere.

If you want to make your silk flower arrangements even more beautiful there are a few things you can do. Firstly thought about adding scent to make even more realistic? Just make sure nobody will be aggravated by. Next how about adding jewels or feather onto a bouquet that might otherwise be a little bland.

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