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Affordable Artificial Plants

Affordable Artificial Plants – (Artificial Plants)

6’ Areca Silk Palm Tree

Affordable artificial plants – we either stock these or will soon – Bring the tropics right into your home or office with this exquisite 6 foot Areca silk palm tree. This tree has 1464 gracefully crafted leaves on 8 trunks completely arranged in an 8 inch high black plastic pot topped with decorative moss. The Areca silk palm tree conjures images of paradise with visions of tropical sand, flip-flops and a cool ocean breeze. Perfect for creating that special oasis in your home or office to bring gentle tranquility into your life, this silk palm will provide many years of enjoyment. Made with top quality materials you will receive many compliments on your palm and find that maintenance is a breeze.

The red rose is forever the symbol of eternal romance. This giant rose arrangement is jam packed with romance! Brimming with rich dark red roses in a 20.5 inch high clear vase with faux water this silk arrangement is sure to delight anyone who sees it. So realistic with the thorn encrusted stems in the clear vase, people will want to smell the roses! We use only the highest quality silk roses to give the exacting beauty every rose deserves. The vivid greenery and long stems add to the charm making this one of our most elegant rose arrangements. This makes a beautiful gift for a special loved one or friend.

69” Sweet Bat Triple Ball Trees

Topiary has been a prized Japanese art form for centuries. This almost 6 foot tree contains three lush balls with about 2664 leaves, but who is counting? Your friends will ask how long it took you to grow this piece topiary piece of art because it is so real looking in a 6 inch high plastic pot topped with decorative moss. We use only the highest quality of silk flowers and leaves to create the most realistic rendition to last many years. The sweet bat triple ball tree is 23 inches wide perfect for a corner that needs a pick me up or as a bold entrance decoration.

6’ Bougainvillea silk flowering tree

The beautiful bougainvillea is a plant/shrub/tree/vine originally from South America that has migrated to warm climates all over the world. This six foot silk bougainvillea is one of the most beautiful and popular styles we offer. A perfect balance between the 1,800 dark green leaves and 484 colorful silk flowers, this bougainvillea with traditional pink flowers is sure to delight for many years to come. We use only the highest quality silk flowers and leaves in order to honor the beauty of Mother Nature. The tree comes in a 6 inch black plastic pot topped with decorative moss to complete the elegant look.

6.5 Black Artificial Bamboo Tree

Bamboo is one of the best renewable plants in the world and is prized for its elegance and beauty. This 6.5 foot tree is a true exotic delight with rich dark trunks and a plethora of classic bright and tender bamboo leaves. The bright pink flowers are sure to ward off any winter blues. This stunning combination comes in a black plastic pot topped with decorative moss to carry the elegance from top to bottom. Perfect for a corner that needs twist of elegant color or as a classy entry welcome, the black bamboo tree can fill any niche with its flowing elegance.

Large Hydrangea European vase

Classic beauty can be found in this elegant arrangement of large creamy hydrangeas. Packed bloom to bloom the beautiful hydrangeas is a burst of summer sitting on your table. The blooms are held high aloft a 10 inch clear beautifully ribbed Grecian vase with a visible ring of lush green leaves that accentuate perfectly the entire piece keeping the eye flowing to the luscious texture of the hydrangeas. We use only the highest quality silk products to create this exquisite cloud-like delight. Perfect as an elegant center piece or a welcoming bouquet at the front door, this large hydrangea arrangement is sure to delight everyone who sees it.


7.5 Classic Pine Christmas Tree

This seven and a half foot (90”) tall artificial Christmas tree is sure to delight your family and friends for years to come with high quality and extremely realistic construction right down to the tiny pinecones. As an added bonus you will never have to wrestle a string of Christmas lights again as this beautiful tree comes with 500 clear lights built into the 1480 tips. These lights keep shining even if one light burns out so you will never be hunting for the one light that blew the whole string. The tree sits in a solid metal base to avoid tipping making it easy to stack piles of gifts around it.

7.5 majestic Multi Pine with Clear Lights

The seven and a half foot Majestic Christmas tree is a delightful mix of several pine species, making it an eclectic combination with lush fullness not found in standard Christmas trees. This beauty comes with 650 bright white lights built into the ends of the branches so you never have to run a string of lights again. The lights will continue to shine even if one burns out and are very easy to replace. The Majestic Christmas tree comes with a solid four prong metal base to keep it on its feet delighting your family through the entire holiday season.

Areca Silk Palm

The seven foot Areca Silk Palm is a refreshing decoration for any home or office with 1816 mature and new growth leaves on nine trunks. It is so thick and full you will be hunting for hidden fruit among the leaves. This beautiful silk palm comes already potted in a large black plastic pot topped with decorative moss ready to be placed in a prime location for viewing and enjoyment. This large tree is perfect for that corner that needs more dazzle, an office that requires some vibrant life or near a window to create a relaxing retreat on cold winter days.

7.5 Windermere Christmas Tree

The Windermere Christmas tree stand seven and a half feet tall full of lush branches and thick pine needles enticing you to lean over and brush your hand along their silky coat. This tree is regal elegance on a four pronged metal stand. To add to its outstanding beauty it comes with 550 clear lights strategically located across the 1285 tips of the tree so there is no need to wrestle Christmas tree lights ever again and unlike strings of lights if one light burns out the rest stay lit. This tree is sure to delight your family for many years to come.

4’ Cedar Spiral

Topiary is a long standing Japanese art that takes years to master and more years to create beautiful works of plant art. This four foot cedar spiral is so lush with 1625 cedar leaves people will stand in awe of your topiary skills and asking you how long it took to create it! This work of art comes in a cream-colored Victorian style pedestal vase to showcase the majesty of the piece. Perfect as an entry piece sitting on the floor or as added decoration to a low table, this cedar spiral is sure to be a show stopper in any location in an office or at home.

Giant Peony Silk Flower Arrangement

Peonies are such a nostalgic flower for many people. An elegant vase full of cream colored artificial peonies in varying sizes is sure to bring a smile to any face. This silk flower arrangement stands 38 inches tall and comes with a 20.5 inch high glass vase with a water illusion to give it the fresh out of the garden look that may trick people into smelling them. Gorgeously arranged with peony buds and full blooms in high quality silk, the height draws the eye up the length of the vase to the explosion of color making this arrangement a delightful piece of eye candy.

African Sunflower Candelabrum

The African Sunflower Candelabrum is a delightful explosion of color sure to brighten any décor. Bright orange, white and yellow sunflowers are surrounded by vibrant greenery in and elegant 28” spread. The bright sun flowers are beautifully accented by various flowers of deep purple, fuchsia and light pink this skillfully designed arrangement makes an elegant centerpiece for any occasion from every day luncheons to anniversary parties or weddings. The crystal clear center placed candelabrum tops off this exquisite piece allowing almost any color of candle to be placed within or changed to fit the occasion. Free shipping is offered on this arrangement.

Golden Sunflower Candelabrum

Sunflowers are one of the cheeriest flowers to be found. This arrangement is 17 inches wide and loaded with happy yellow sunflowers and perfectly accented greenery to make the ideal happy centerpiece for any occasion. The 4 inch high by 4.5 inch wide crystal clear candelabrum sets in the center snuggled up to the sunflowers. The effect of the arrangement can be changed by adding different colored candles. A fall feel can be made with a deep red or chocolate colored candle while spring and summer can be celebrated with a white or yellow candle. This is a perfect gift to cheer up a friend and comes with free shipping.

Hydrangea Candelabrum

The artificial Hydrangea Candelabrum is perfectly designed to show off the classic “puff ball” of the delicate hydrangea. Bursting green buds and perfectly scu foliage further showcases the beautiful pom-poms while decorative stalks and berries add another layer of exquisite elegance. The 4.5 inch wide by 5 inch high crystal clear candelabrum finishes off this delightfully designed piece making it an ideal piece of art for any location such as an entry table or as the centerpiece of any table. This is a classic design that will stay in fashion for years to come and sure to receive many compliments. Free shipping is available for this piece.


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