Artificial Plants Indoors


Artificial Plants Indoors

Artificial Plants Indoors (Silk Indoor Plants)

Artificial Plants Indoors – the word plants covers artificial flowers of course but also includes succulents, stems, silk trees for indoors and outdoors, silk hanging baskets and more.

When we have enough we will give them their own category to make them easier to search for.

In the mean time these are some of the examples we have or will have soon.

5′ Rosemary Spiral Silk Trees (In-door/Out-door)

The 5′ Rosemary Spiral Silk Trees (In-door/Out-door) represents a striking option for those who want unique décor options for their home or other space. The soft foliage is emphasized in a curve that goes around and around, offering both pleasing aesthetics and a sense of subtle grandeur. This twisty evergreen product is made from the finest materials available. This means that it will be able to stand as a treasured item in your home or office for years and years to come. It is worth noting that the 5′ Rosemary Spiral Silk Trees (In-door/Out-door) works with a wide array of rooms and spaces. You can easily include this product with yours.

6′ Areca Palm Silk Tree

When you think about palm trees, what additional images come to mind? People begin to imagine those palm trees being swayed by a gentle breeze. They imagine golden stretches of beautiful sand. They certainly imagine an ocean of water so clear, you can see right down to the bottom. The 6′ Areca Palm Silk Tree is a great way to evoke all of that imagery. This Madagascar visitor offers over thirteen hundred leaves, delicate branches, and stands 6’ in height. This 6′ Areca Palm Silk Tree can make for a welcome addition to a variety of spaces. Without question, you can easily see it in an office or living room space.

6′ Mini Cedar Pine Trees (Indoor/Outdoor)

Cedar pine trees are capable of bringing to mind the most attractive, even stunning images of nature that we are capable of conjuring up. While no one is going to tell you to plant an actual cedar pine tree in your living room or outdoor area, the 6′ Mini Cedar Pine Trees (Indoor/Outdoor) is a nice way to bring those images into your home or office space. These mini cedar pine trees can make for a particularly lovely addition during the holiday season. However, you can really enjoy something like this during any time of the year that you wish. The greenery is both life-like and rich in its vibrant, strong green.

Artificial Fruit

Trying to create a unique centerpiece or a décor item that stands out is not always easy. There are a number of options to choose from, but artificial fruit is one decorative item that can transform the style of any room. You have the ability create a centerpiece that stands out and attracts attention by choosing to fill a glass bowl or vase with plastic fruit. From red berry balls to faux mangos, you have so many different options that you can choose from. The design possibilities really are endless when you choose to decorate using the many types of artificial fruit that are available for purchase.

6’ Similax Silk Tree

Living in different regions of the world makes it impossible to have exotic plants or trees. Not anymore with this lush six foot Similax Tree available from the Silky Flower Store. This artful recreation of nature has 2,786 leaves with a beautiful curvy wooden trunk. This tree is perfect for any home or office décor to spruce of an empty space with bright green and nature. It comes in a black plastic pot topped with floral moss ready to be placed in a special new home. This Similax tree is sure to delight your guests or coworkers by offering peace and tranquility.

4’ Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree

This is a artistically shaped topiary rosemary tree that can be used indoors or out. Standing four feet tall this gently curved beauty comes in a black 10” pot and is lushly made with 1,512 needles. This is such a realistic representation of the aromatic rosemary you will have people trying to smell it or want to run their hands over the curves of this beauty. This striking rosemary plant placed in an entry or used as an accent piece to add a dash of class and color, sure to delight all those who see it. A pair would make a perfect entry piece on either side of your front door.

69” Sweet Bay Topiary with 4 Balls

A cleverly crafted 69” sweet bay topiary is a delightful way to express your style. This beauty has four round leafy balls with a total of 2,664 leaves and comes in a black 7” plastic pot topped with decorative moss. The asymmetrical tree would be a delightful addition to your home or office adding some beautiful nature without the fear of taking care of a live plant. It is made of high quality silk that is easy to clean and looks so real nobody will know it isn’t. Perfect to brighten an empty corner or used as a focal point this Sweet Bay Topiary is sure to brighten your day.

6’ Cedar Spiral Silk Tree

As one of the largest silk trees offered by Silky flower Store this beauty stands six feet tall yet is only 13 inches wide. Cleverly crafted in a corkscrew spiral with 1,800 leaves this creation makes for an exquisite statement as an entry focal point either indoors or out. If you are looking for an artful floral arrangement designed to last years and made of high quality silk, this cedar tree is the right one for you. Easy to clean and maintain it is sure to receive many compliments about your gardening skills. This is a classic that never goes out of style.

5’ Weeping Ficus Tree

The ficus is a common plant for their easy nature but this tree is far above a simple plant. This regal beauty stands 5’ feet tall with 1,121 leaves and comes in a 7” black plastic pot topped with decorators moss. Each high quality silk leaf drapes elegantly creating a “weeping” effect. This lush tree deserves a center spot in your home or office décor with its sturdy design but delicate look. Sitting near a window you will be delighted as the sun gently lights the many leaves and reflect the beautiful green. Easy to maintain with a light dusting this weeping ficus will be enjoyed for many years to come.

6’ Black Artificial Black Bamboo Tree

Sporting 1,132 elegantly crafted leaves, this six foot black bamboo tree is true delight to the eyes. Black trunks create a stimulating background to the bright green leaves making the eyes search for the source of the dramatic coloring. This gorgeous tree takes the mind to tropical places and rain forests with its delicate beauty. There is no place where this can be placed and not be a show stopper. Hiding in a corner it will call out with its majesty to entrap the passerby with delight. This is one tree that deserves a center spot for attention in your home or office.

7’ Artificial Bamboo Silk Palm Tree

This show stopper stands seven feet tall with over 1,500 lush leaves. This is a delightful replication of the reed palm so often seen in Mexico as a native plant. The branches are so realistic you may accidently find yourself watering it. Having your own bamboo reed palm is like having a slice of heaven in your home or office. Tropical, fresh and sassy this tree may tempt you to take off your shoes and string a hammock up. This palm will fill any space needing brightness and life including an entryway or as an accent piece in the kitchen. It is versatile decoration and ready to be shipped to a new home.


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