Artificial Peony Flowers

faux peony flower

Artificial Peony Flowers

Artificial Peony Flowers – Silk Peony Flowers

Artificial peony flowers are among our favorites – they are just so sophisticated and elegant. They are of the genus Paeonia in real life – and are native of western North America, Europe and Asia. The name originally came from (as so many do) from Greek legend. Specifically Paeon a student of the Greek God of healing. When the God became jealous, Zeus turned Paeon into a flower to avoid the God killing him.

Artificial Peony flowers are one of the most beautiful faux flowers with lush foliage that will surely make an impression. They work well with various other flowers such as roses and irises to create the most stunning bouquets and arrangements for your home.

You can find them in 4 natural colors: pink, red, white, and yellow, though their foliage handles dye extremely well so you can find interesting color combinations. Another huge benefit of artificial flowers of flower is the fact that they require little to no maintenance, making them the perfect selection for people that find it difficult to take care of flowers.

artificial peony flowers

Giant Peony Silk Flower Arrangement

The 38” Giant Peony Silk Flower Arrangement – Red is a stunning arrangement of peonies that shows the beauty of the flower through all stages of bloom. With the smaller developing blossoms and the fully blossomed flower heads, it creates a versatile arrangement that will compliment the interior design of any room in your home.

Red peonies are a phenomenal display and can double as both a gift for a loved one or a way to add a little bit of color into an otherwise bland room. The brilliant green foliage creates a spectacular foundation for the bright red petals and small light green peony buds.

In our range they come in vases, as stems (wonderful for creating your own arrangements, bouquets (lovely for weddings) parties or gorgeous in your home to enhance your decor. Please enjoy our faux peony flowers – a hassle free choice for any season.

Fuller Wedding Bouquets

In the wedding magazines, the bouquets are usually very full and lush, just bursting with gorgeous flowers. Many brides would like the have that same fullness for their bouquets, but do not have the magazine’s budget to work with. These are some great ideas on how to create fuller wedding bouquets for the entire bridal party.

It has long been a secret of floral designers that when trying to fill out a bouquet, you can mix in similar flowers that are less expensive than the signature blossom. So, if you adore the look of pink roses, create a bouquet which primarily features your favorite flower, but fill in between the stems with affordable pink lisianthus. They have a very similar shape, but will bring down the price without detracting from the appearance of the bouquets. This is a great design for a classic wedding where the bridesmaid jewelry and bridal jewelry is timeless pearls.

If your taste runs to the dramatic, big fluffy feathers are a marvelous way to add fullness to your bouquet. Create a smallish arrangement of your favorite blossoms and surround it with a ruff of dramatic feathers. White peacock or ostrich feathers are one option, or have some fun using vibrant colorful peacock feathers. The peacock feathers are absolutely stunning when the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry are rich jewel tones or a bright teal shade.

Large leaves are another excellent filler option, and they are very affordable. Hosta leaves are an unexpected yet readily available accent for wedding bouquets. They also come in a great range of colors, from dark green to a yellow-green to variegated. Lemon leaves are another lovely way to add fullness to bouquets. They have a gorgeous glossy deep green color which would complement any color of flower. Leaves can be spread in among the blossoms or or used to make a ruff around the border of the arrangements.

You can also create volume by incorporating three dimensional elements into bridal bouquets. This architectural approach to floral design is very stylish and modern. Use long thin elements to create an open “cage” effect around the cluster of flowers. You could use stems of bear grass, grapevine, or even metal wire. Use flowers which will stand out well against the color of the cage wrap material. Fuchsia would be fantastic inside bear grass, yellow inside grapevine, and purple magnificent inside copper colored wire.

One more ingenious way to fill out a bouquet is with fruit. Small green apples, clementines, or other round fruit can be wired right into your floral arrangements. They will add a great pop of color, an unexpected element, and a lush full appearance. Green apples pair beautifully with bright pink flowers, while clementines are fantastic with yellow or orange blooms. The fruit idea is so fun that you will surely want to pull it through into your centerpieces as well.

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