Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk Wedding Bouquets

Buying Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk Wedding Bouquets – traditional wedding bouquets date back from ancient times when women wore wreaths of wild flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants representing a symbol of fertility. Wedding bouquets can be made from different types of flowers, and you can choose silk wedding bouquets designed with silk rose flowers, for a silk wedding bouquet, decorations such as crystals, pearls, paper, decorative details and materials.
Wedding bouquets are an essential detail of every wedding ceremony, and to choose the perfect one it is necessary to consider the details and the color before making a final decision.

A silk wedding bouquet should reflect the character of the newly – weds, but it should also be an expression of their style. It needs to be combined with the rest of the elements as not to be totally unnoticeable. If you prefer to have a simple and perfect decoration, try to choose flowers that go well with the overall decoration you have chosen for your wedding.

The choice of flowers depends mainly on the person, their taste and their styling.
There are different types of wedding bouquets such as:

Circle Bouquet

This is a traditional wedding bouquet and the most popular among brides because it is circular in shape and with smaller dimensions. It can consist of diffent flowers, usually artificial rose flowers, lilies, calla, chrysanthemum, peony, sunflowers… It has a very simple construction with a convenient, classic and elegant style.

Round bouquet

A wedding bouquet is similar to the preceding, but differs in that it doesn’t have a ball shaped structure. It usually consists of one type of flower, or can be made with a combination of flowers and plants. This bouquet is richer and more expensive and with a slightly larger volume and weight compared to other bouquets. It is very stylish and modern.

A Classic Silk Bouquet

This bouquet is very simple and casual. Its construction has a strict form. It can consist of different and colorful flowers, usually bright and conspicuous flowers. It is popular among non-traditional brides, who want something more relaxed. It is very modern and exotic.

Composite Bouquet

This type of bouquet is made from the petals of flowers that are attached to the wire and wrappedpre made silk wedding bouquets
in a big flower. This is a very interesting and original bouquet, but requires a lot of time for its creation, so it is one of the more expensive ones.

Each wedding bouquet is unique and has its own beauty. Make the right choice.

Silk Wedding Bouquet

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