Valentines Day Flowers

valentine silk flower

Valentines Day Flowers

Valentines Day Flowers

A little history and background – Valentines Day is also called Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on 14th February every year

It came from an early Christian Saint called Valentinus and is celebrated in many countries in the world. One of the legends is that he healed his jailers daughter and signed a letter to her “your Valentine”. His day became associated with love in the 14th Century and by the 18th Century in England flowers (now often silk flowers) chocolates and cards are given. Handwritten cards gave way to mass produced one in the 19th Century.

valentines day artificial flowers

When postage go cheap in England the sending of cards started in very large numbers – in 1840 400,000 were sent! It is at about this time when cards started to be sent anonymously – previously the cards were handed personally. In the USA mas production started very soon after in 1847 by Esther Howard and were made from embossed paper lace. Now something like 190 million cards are sent every year in the USA (although that does not include the millions that school children exchange).

Naturally with the advent of the internet many create the cards on the net and send them via the internet.

Valentines Day Silk Flowers.

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